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Ecogold Breeze Jumper Pad Standard

Ecogold Breeze Jumper Pad Standard

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The Breeze saddle pad is an ultra-thin non-slip saddle pad (think Secure without foam). The athletic ventilated fabric speeds up evaporation and helps the horse’s body thermoregulate during exercise. The airflow prevents bacteria build-up.

The Breeze saddle pad allows a closer connection with the horse.

The non-slip surface keeps the saddle in place.

Add a matching half pad for a complete look.

The Breeze saddle pad is available with the matching half pad made with 0.5” thick high-resiliency foam. It is slightly thinner than the Flip Half Pad (0.75” foam) and is not shimmable. The underside of the Breeze Half Pad is 100% breathable non-slip material.

  • Ultra-thin and non-slip
  • Airflow prevents bacteria build-up
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