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Decker Ultimate Brush

Decker Ultimate Brush

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We love this Deck Ultimate Brush, it's a must have in your trailer and barn. It's a comfortable fit for your hands and gentle on your horse - even in those more sensitive areas.

The Decker Ultimate is a horse hair blended bristled brush with a full size handle. The bristle is trimmed with our original double contoured trim to provide more surface contact. The handle is made with GRIP-FIT technology. Made in USA.

  • Handle Length: 8.5"

  • Bristle Length: 2"

  • Blended bristled Brush

  • Full Size Handle

  • Double-Contoured Trim Provides more Surface Contact

  • Handle Made with Grip-Fit Technology

  • Removes: Dust, Light Dirt, and Loose Hair

  • Helps with Sheen

  • Gentle on Sensitive Areas

  • Made in America

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