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Click Hock Shields Ultra Hock Wrap

Click Hock Shields Ultra Hock Wrap

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Click Hock Shields® Ultra is a full wrap to ensure coverage even if they have an extra hard way of twisting while pushing off the ground. It can also be used for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chill. The thin neoprene and double layer of fleece make a very comfortable but tough boot that can be worn full-time for those horses with deep chronic sores.

Because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under the Shields. Not to be used on horses in turn-out or on pasture. It is not advisable to restrict the leg when your horse is in a full gallop. Some horses may grow white hairs on back of leg where top band rubs. *If your horse has neoprene sensitivity, do not use these products.*

  • Full wrap to ensure coverage
  • Very comfortable but tough boot
  • Double layer of fleece 
  • Great 24/7 wear for horses with deep chronic sores
  • Not to be used on horses in turn-out or on pasture
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