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Centaur Anti Grazing Device

Centaur Anti Grazing Device

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We love the Centaur® Anti-Grazing Device because they are great for children on ponies.  No more grazing while riding. These strong nylon reins are a great aid for youngsters and are adjustable to fit most animals. 

No more children's tug-o-war with hungry ponies! The anti-grazing device applies upward pressure on the bit when the pony puts its head down to prevent grazing while being ridden.

  • The anti-grazing device is made from 3/4'' brown nylon.
  • The crown piece of the device attaches to the pony's bridle with velcro tabs.
  • The reins are snapped to the bit and the dee rings on the front of the saddle.
  • Buckle adjustment on each rein allows device to be used on different size animals.
  • The anti-grazing reins adjust from 35 1/2 to 45 inches
  • Add more holes to make smaller (28 inches)
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