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Black Country

Black Country Equinox Endurance Saddle

Black Country Equinox Endurance Saddle

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We love this Black Country Equinox Endurance Saddle for the custom options and supple, flexible comfort. 

With breeds such as Arabian, Morgan, Warmbloods, and Quarter horses in mind, this is designed to fit the 'plus size’ horses. To start with, the panels are made of Serge. This is a woven fabric that is soft and breathes. It allows a much quicker break in, and dissipates heat much better then leather. The panels are stuffed with a low profile and a really wide gullet to allow the saddle to ‘sit down’ rather then perch up in the air. This saddle offers both a wide fit for the horse as well as a narrow twist for the rider because of a specially designed panel with a narrow ‘waist’. The girth billets come from the front and rear corners of the saddle to keep it from rocking. The flap is a ‘mono flap’ design and the thigh block offers security without pressure on the rider’s knee.

To top it off, the leather is a soft Schrumph leather which is grippy, secure, and durable. There are also D-Rings so you can bring your lunch, your sponge or whatever you need.

The stirrup bar placed in a dressage position to improve the rider’s balance and has had an extra layer of foam added to the seat for additional cushioning.

Black Country Saddles are made with British materials, wood-laminated spring trees that come with a full 10 year guarantee, 100% pure wool flocking, English leather and highly skilled craftsmanship.  

  • Schrumph leather that is soft, grippy, durable
  • Comes with serge panels
  • Monoflap 
  • 100% British Wool
  • British wood laminated spring trees
  • Ultimate softness and flexibility
  • Sizes 15"-19"
  • Colors available are Black or Dark Brown
  • Saddles are custom ordered and can take 7 weeks to arrive. 

For assistance with custom options please call 864-457-3557.

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