Beris Loose Ring Butterfly Bit

 We love this bit because the butterfly bar creates a more even distribution of pressure on the tongue which is helpful for sensitive or young horses.

The butterfly rod represents an absolute innovation in the area of ​​the mouthpiece. Its anatomically shaped recess, in combination with the widened contact surface in the area of ​​the tongue, provide this extremely important and sensitive muscle with maximum space with the possibility of very gentle action. The horses show their well-being by increasing their chewing activity and getting closer to the bit. 

If a stronger action is desired, a lever-acting side part can be used to change the angle of the mouthpiece in the mouth. The desired permeability can then be achieved through the pressure that is then increased at certain points. When the pressure is released, the butterfly rod immediately returns to its comfortable position. 

The loosely running ring means greater mobility of the teeth in the mouth. The snaffle bit is a bit for horses that prefer a `more mobile 'bit in the mouth. The ring runs very evenly in the copper bushings and increases the service life of the bit considerably thanks to its better durability.

  • Real craftsmanship made in Germany.
  • Bit thickness 18 mm

*Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV-1 and in accordance to biosecurity measure suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners we are no longer able to accept returns on bits.