Arthur Court Equestrian Dressed Fox Cocktail Glass

We love this cocktail glass for sipping a drink after a grueling morning out hunting! Perfect for any fox hunting themed events.

Serve drinks in these Dressed Fox cocktail glasses at your next social gathering. Each stem and base of this eye-catching glass is handcrafted from pure pewter that is completely food-safe and FDA-compliant, and measures 4.75 x 4.75 x 8 inches. The hand-cast, intricately designed standing fox is whimsically dressed in a suit jacket, facing forward with one hand on hip, head lifted with pride and pointed ears raised, evoking a wonderful conversation starter for your guests. The clear, handblown glass bowl is the perfect size for holding a generous martini cocktail.

As with any handmade stemware, hand-washing is recommended, followed by drying with a soft cloth towel to avoid spotting. If desired, this glass is also dishwasher-safe when run on a low-heat wash-and-dry setting.