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Allshot SafeKid Safety Airbag Vest

Allshot SafeKid Safety Airbag Vest

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We love the Allshot Safe Kid airbag vest! The first protective airbag vest system that's made just for kids! Not just a small adult version, this design is made specifically to meet the needs of a child's body. The fit and design look great and are proportionate to a child. 

The Allshot Safe Kid airbag vest is the only vest on the market for young kids from 6 to 11 years old. Have your child ride their ponies and horses with the tranquility of them being protected in the event of a fall. 


  • The airbag deploys in case of a fall
  • Speed of deployment: 120ms (millisecond)
  • Unique 30CC cartridge
  • Cable connector to clip on with the saddle strap 
  • Compartment made for the CO2 cartridge
  • Heavy-duty zipper 
  • Limits the injuries and trauma when you fall
  • Removable " D3O®" back protector
  • Breathable Polyester mesh interior 
  • 100% Cordura exterior
  • Water repellent
  • 5-year guarantee; must use Allshot replacement air cartridges. 

    Compatible with ANY zipped show jackets possessing a minimum of 15% elastane material

    Inclusion with a vest: 

    • Saddle strap (for the saddle) 
    • Key ball elastic lanyard (lanyard used for the airbag function for deployment)
    • 2 CO2 30cc cartridges 

      Care Instruction:

      • DO NOT WASH the vest in the washing machine
      • DO NOT submerge in any case the vest in water
      • To wash the vest, you can use a wet rag to remove stains
      • In any case, please avoid water around the mechanical parts of the vest
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