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Allshot Belair Airbag Vest

Allshot Belair Airbag Vest

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We love this vest for its ability to be worn with any zip-up show jacket that possesses at least 15% or more elastane. Additionally, these vests offer a size for petite equestrians and children over 66 pounds.

ALLSHOT Belair airbag vest is the second generation of the equestrian airbag and holds the latest AFNOR certification S72-800:2022.  Meant to be fitted, this vest allies safety and elegance. Belair is compatible with ANY zipped jacket that has a minimum of 15% elastane. Belair is the most performant vest on the market and deploys in 80ms regardless of the size vest. The minimum weight of the rider is 66 pounds. This vest is mostly designed for dressage, hunter, and jumper riders. Belair is sold ready to wear with a D3O back protector, a saddle strap, 1 CO2 cartridge. 

60CC CARTRIDGE for sizes XXS to M/L, 85CC Cartridges for XL and XL+

Available Colors: Black or Dark Navy

Warranty: 5 years - No need for extended registration

Features: Heavy-duty zipper, Additional D3O® back protector, Water repellent fabric

Areas protected: Cervical, Dorsal region, Hips, Pelvis, Sacrum, Tailbone, Vital organs

Composition: Interior : 3D Mesh, 100% Polyester | Exterior: 100% -Cordura

Care instruction: DO NOT WASH in the washing machine, DO NOT submerge in any case in water, and wash with a wet cloth to remove dirt and stains

*Please note: For any vest size XL and above, 85CC cartridges are required.


  • The airbag deploys in case of a fall when the rider is ejected from the horse
  • Speed of deployment: less than 100ms (millisecond)
  • 60 CC & 85 CC cartridges for vests  
  • Cable connector to clip on with the saddle strap 
  • Compartment made for the CO2 cartridge
  • Heavy-duty zipper 
  • Limits the injuries and trauma when you fall
  • Removable "  D3O®" back protector - that helps to spread the concussion of impact in case of a fall
  • Water repellent
  • 5-year warranty must use Allshot replacement air cartridges
  • Breathable Polyester interior
  • 100% Cordura outer shell
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes XXS to 2XL

Areas of protection:

  • Cervical
  • Dorsal region
  • Hips
  • Pelvis 
  • Sacrum
  • Tailbone
  • Vital organs

Inclusion with a vest: 

  • Dorsal -" D3O ®" back protector
  • Saddle strap (for the saddle) 
  • Key ball elastic lanyard (lanyard used for the airbag function for deployment)
  • 1 CO2 60cc cartridge
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