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AGS Griffin 3 Piece Shine Kit

AGS Griffin 3 Piece Shine Kit

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We love that this shine kit comes with everything you need for quality shine for years to come. The kit contains 3 pieces and the brushes are 100% Horsehair with wood handles that are sturdy and sure to last you a quality amount of time with great care.

The Griffin Shine Kit includes one 5-1/2 “ shine brush and one polish applicator. Brushes
are 100% horsehair with wood handles. Horsehair shoe brushes work for leather
shoes, boots, bags, sofa and more; great tool to clean and polish your leather shoes. The kit also includes one soft flannel shine cloth.

  • One polish applicator
  • One 5-1/2 “ shine brush 
  • Wood handles
  • 100% horsehair
  • For leather
  • Includes one soft flannel shine cloth
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