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5/A Baker Polo Wraps

5/A Baker Polo Wraps

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We love Baker Plaid and these are just the perfect accent for equine leg protection!  Available in Horse or Pony with black velcro closures.  

Baker Fleece Polo Wraps provide better distribution of tension and requires no padding beneath. This top-quality wrap with a folded edge can be used during exercise or shipping. Features a 2" wide Velcro strip for a sure grip. Pair with your favorite baby pad or matching Baker halter for a timeless, classic turnout! Available with Black or Navy Blue Velcro.

Product Details:

  • Black or Navy Velcro
  • Logo tag detail
  • 2" Velcro closure
  • Horse Dimensions: 5" W x 9' L
  • Pony Dimensions:  3.25" wide by 5' L
  • Set of 4
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