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5/A Baker Neck Cover 200 Gram For Turnout Blanket

5/A Baker Neck Cover 200 Gram For Turnout Blanket

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We love the 5/A Baker® Neck Cover 200 Gram because it has waterproof breathable material that will keep your horse comfortable in any weather. 

For complete protection against the elements, add the 5/A Baker® Neck Cover to your horse's wardrobe. Made with the same high quality materials as the Turnout Blanket, the 5/A Baker® Turnout Neck Cover's outer shell is a 1,500-denier polyester rip stop fabric that can take an incredible amount of abuse, while its satin smooth lining polishes the horse's coat.

For added warmth, there is a 200 gram layer of Curvofil IV insulation. A waterproof/breathable membrane bars water penetration yet allows water vapor from perspiration to pass through to the outside. Three Velcro® snaps on the neck let you quickly snug the cover down. A fourth snap, at the top of the neck, can be attached to the bridle, keeping the protector firmly in place.

  • 1,500-Denier Polyester Rip Stop Fabric
  • Satin Smooth Lining
  •  200 Gram Layer of Curvofil IV Insulation
  • Waterproof & Breathable Membrane 
  • Three Velcro Snaps for the Neck & a Fourth Snap Attaches to Bridle for a Secure Fit

* The Neck Cover Size Based on Horse's 'Side Measurement'

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