Our Top Items Of The Year

We’ve seen a lot of good changes this year, and things seem to be returning to a post-pandemic sense of normal. Stores are open, and competitions that have been held are now running again. It’s been nice getting to see everyone again at our stores and at the horse shows. As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to round up this year's rider favorites.

There have been some changes since last year, so take a look and see what some of the year's most popular pieces have been.


Top Gear Of The Year

1. Arma Over Reach Bell Boots

We love these Arma Over Reach Bell Boots because they are made with a durable rubber that helps protect the hoof. These smart rubber over reach boots help deflect scuffs and protect against blows to the hoof area.



2. 3M Vetrap

We love to use 3M Vetrap™ because of the multiple uses this tape has! Strong, lightweight, and non-absorbent elastic wrap that sticks only to itself, not to hair or skin. Needs no pins or clips. Strongest holding power - strength where it matters.


3. POMMS Dimpled Equine Ear Plugs

We love these POMMS® Equine Ear Plugs because they will help your horse with distracting or loud noises and stimulate acupressure points in the inner ear. Premium Equine Ear Plugs are designed to allow your horse and pony to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises.


4. KL Select Italian Bell Boots

We love these KL Select Italian bell boots because of the user friendly, durable material. KL Select bell boots, made in Italy, are constructed with 100% gum rubber. This pure material helps keep the boots flexible in cold weather. The boots are designed with a rolled top to prevent rubbing in the fetlock area.


5. EquiFit Essential Schooling Girth

We love this EquiFit Essential Schooling Girth, because its perfect for every day use. For every level and every ride. The innovation, support and quality EquiFit are known for - at an unbeatable price.  Plus it goes great with their new hunter pad! 


6. POMMS Smooth Equine Ear Plugs

We love these POMMS® Equine Ear Plugs because they will help your horse with distracting or loud noises and stimulate acupressure points in the inner ear. POMMS® and PONY POMMS® “comfort plus” design protects your horse’s and pony's sensitive ears from wind, water, and debris. POMMS® and PONY POMMS® are designed to promote relaxation by stimulating acupressure points in the inner ear. 


7. Jammies Hood With Zipper

Jammies Hood with zipper. These multi functional spandex hoods tame manes, keep coats shiny, keep braids tidy over night & prevent shoulders from chafing. Jammies help messy horses stay clean by shielding against shavings, dust, and dirt.


8. Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Halter

We love these Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Halters because of their durable design, breakaway feature and color assortment. Perfect for turn out or working with your horse around the barn. These break away halters look great and the replaceable crown makes it fix when accidents happen. 

Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Halter


9. Vac's Standing Bandages

We love the Vac's Standing Bandages because they offer fantastic support for your equine partner while exercising. Offered in a variety of colors this long wearing bandages wash up well and hold their shape use after use. 
Vacs standing bandages


10. Vac's  No Bow Wraps

We love these wraps for the supple fleece fabric, coupled with a densely designed foam for extra comfort & support when your horse needs it most.  A contoured-custom fit can be securely achieved each time, this wrap will not slip. These wraps are made of super soft fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge-like foam.



Top Boots Of The Year

1. Tucci Sofia Tall Boots

Hands down, our top selling boot both on our website and in all 3 locations. These beautiful tall boots are made with soft premium Italian leather that fit like a glove and feel custom made just for you. A favorite for hunters and jumpers alike!


2. EGO7 Aries Dress Boots

We love the EGO7 Aries Dress Boots because they make a statement in the show ring giving your leg an elegant long sleek look. Captivating Italian design with practical features such as anti-shock insoles, soft flexible leather, and breathable elastic band make these boots wearable all day long without compromising style.


3. EGO 7 Orion Field Boots

We love the EGO7 Orion Field Boot for the custom look, feel and fit right out of the box! If you're looking for a custom boot without a custom price tag, the Ego 7 boots are what you are after!


4. Dublin River Boots III

Althougth not a riding boot, these bad boys hit the popularity list because of how well they deal with being worn around the barn. Waterproof, comfortable, they take a beating, looking good with breeches or jean is just the icing on the cake! We love the Dublin River Boot III because of the all day comfort with the waterproof booty liner! So comfortable and fashionable, perfect for everyday wear around town or around the barn!


5.  Tucci Galileo Field Boots With Toe Cap

The Galileo is made from high-quality Italian Nappa leather, ensuring excellent comfort and durability. These tall jumping boots have elastic laces in the front and an elastic gusset and zipper in the back of the boot. The technical sole on the Tucci Timeline of boots, including the Galileo, adds to the comfort of this boot.


6. EGO 7 Taurus Paddock Boots

We love the EGO7 Taurus Paddock Boot because they combine comfort and style for a boot that can be worn all day or outside of the barn. The flexible, soft leather makes these boots easy to break in and give freedom of movement to achieve the perfect heels down position. Pair them with the Ego 7 half chap for a tall boot look with the simplicity of a paddock boot!


7. Tredstep Donatello Front Zip Paddock Boo

We love these paddock boots because not only is the leather quality out of this world... but they are as comfortable as they are supportive. A great option for wearing all day long.


8. Ariat Women's Terrain H2O Boots

Classic barn boots, perfect for lessons, stalls any kind of barn work on your list, these are the go to boots. Your favorite comfortable barn shoes now in waterproof! These casual barn boots are so popular with our locals! Endurance riding means covering a lot of ground, a variety of terrain, and shifting weather. Our Terrain H2O is ready to meet any challenge with all-day comfort and durabilty built right in.


9. Tucci Harley Tall Boots

Not quite as popular as the sister boot, the Sophia dress boot.  The Tucci Harley was also a big seller this year. The Tucci Harley is styled after Field Boots are part of the show jumping boots from Tucci. These boots feature the “faux” laces. Built with better ankle support, these tall boots are worn by the world’s top riders such as Scott Brash. The Harley boot is a mix of modern and classic styling. All the riders appreciate the clean, refined look of the boots. The stretch area in place of the laces is a welcome change. It provides a better fit on the instep area that riders are really enjoying.


10. TuffRider Children's Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

Like the Ovation Deluxe Schooler, these paddock boots are top pick for growing kids just learning to ride. These economy paddock boots are perfect for weekly lesson on growing feet. We love these children's paddock boots because they are water-resistant, easy to clean and can be used at the barn or show. The TuffRider Children's Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots are perfect for new and experienced young riders in any discipline. These synthetic leather boots have a punched-toe cap for a classic show-ring look.


Top Helmets Of The Year

1. Soless Helmet Visor - Velcro Closure

Ok, so this one isn’t a helmet but it is for sure worthy of listing due to its popularity. Every spring, we order tons of these, and no matter how many we order, we always sell out and need more. The Soless Helmet Visor with Velcro Closure offers as much sun protection as sunblock without blocking a rider's view above and the peripheral view to each side. Unlike traditional baseball hats, straw hats, or cotton visors, the Soless™ Visor provides a full spectrum of sun protection, effectively and safely shading the front and sides of your face and neck with 92% UV protection.


2. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

Top selling helmet for our beginner riders just starting out with lessons. We love the Ovation® Deluxe Schooler Helmet because it is safe, lightweight, and affordable. Lightweight low-profile helmets from Ovation®! The helmet features a rubberized finish, easy-adjust dial for a snug fit, extra strong adjustment teeth for added helmet life, high flow vents to keep you cool, removable washable liner, removable breakaway visors, and exclusive YKK® adjuster clip and buckle, positioned to stay off of the rider's face for comfort. Certified to ASTM standards.


3. KASK Star Lady Hunter Helmet

The Star Lady Hunter uses KASK's unique fit system to hold the helmet securely to your head. A removable neck cradle sits at the back of the helmet and snugly keeps it in the proper position. Comfortable and effective, you will love this feature! Available in different colors to suit the taste of every rider, Star Lady is characterized by its shining frame, a feature that is also present in other KASK helmets, and makes this collection truly unique in its own kind.


4. Soless Helmet Visor - Clip Closure

The Soless Helmet Visor offers a superfine mesh layer on top of the visor which you can easily see through. Both colors offer a superfine mesh layer on top of the visor which you can easily see-through. The Black visor has black superfine mesh and the Gold piping version has minute gold flecks in the superfine mesh that will subtly sparkle in the sun.


5. One K MIPS CCS Helmet

We love this helmet not only for the brand new MIPS safety technology, but also, the ability to customize the center, vent, and rails in a rainbow of colors! One K™ Helmets boast the perfect synergy between advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing design. Certified to ASTM standards.


6. Samshield Miss Shield Alcantara Helmet

The Samshield Miss Shield Premium Alcantara Top Helmet offers a matching alcantara top material with a stylish frontal band above the visor. The extended visor is now longer and wider to help with protection from the sun. This new helmet combines the comfort, style and safety that all Samshield helmets offer into one beautiful equestrian riding helmet. This modern helmet has a streamlined look and a beautiful Alcantara top. The fabric will not fade in the sun and is water resistant.


7. Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet

Inspired by women's classic hats the Miss Shield Shadowmatt is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band. The Miss Shield Shadowmatt has been designed on the base of classic Shadowmatt helmets and has the same technical features (better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact, no risk of tipping the helmet in case of violent movement, exceptional ventilation, perfect adjustment, comfort, and hygiene).


8. KASK Star Lady Helmet

We love the KASK Star Lady Helmet for its amazing combination of technical and aesthetic features! KASK took no compromises in ensuring the rider's safety, as evident by the patented FIT System, which permits the helmet to flawlessly and automatically fit on the rider's head.


9. KASK Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome Riding Helmet

Captivating and refined at the same time, it is the result of a perfect alchemy between sophisticated style, comfort and technique. Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome reflects your personality, outside the box, remaining faithful to the trends.


10. KASK Dogma Chrome Light Helmet

We love the KASK Dogma Chrome Light Helmet because you really just can't go wrong with it on your head! This is not only an accessory for protection, this top product demonstrates how a helmet can be much, much more. A mix of style, elegance, and unique technical features, combined with undeniable comfort, all by KASK.



Top Showcoats Of The Year

1. RJ Classics Harmony Jr. Girls' Mesh Show Jacket

We love the RJ Classics Harmony Jr. Girls' Show Coat because it offers a breezy solution to hot weather horse shows. Its unique styling offers the rider an elevated, athletic garment while maintaining the tradition of the sport. Although the Girls version hit the top of the list, the Ladies Harmony & R.J.s Mesh Shadbelly just missed making this list.


2. Samshield Women's Alix Show Jacket

We love the Samshield Women's Alix Show Jacket because it delivers technical performance to support your best competitive rides. Made of breathable, highly stretchy fabric to ensure your unrestricted motion, this ladies’ show jacket is wrinkle-free and easy care. It offers ultraviolet protection and water repellency and is more than suitable for top-level showing!


3. Samshield Women's Frac Flame Show Jacket

We love this shadbelly because of the exceptional fit along with the elegant flame embroidery and crystal details. Get ready to smoke the competition!

Samshield Women's Frac Flame Show Jacket


4. Samshield Women's Frac Alcantara Shadbelly Show Jacket

We love this Samshield Frac Alcantara Shadbelly Show Jacket for its classic design and beautiful details that will make you shine! The Frac Alcantara Shadebelly has been made from highly breathable, elastic, lightweight, and durable technical fabric for the best comfort.


5. Samshield Women's California Show Jacket

We love the California show jacket for the lightweight mesh design that still gives a professional look for top competitors. Be on the look out for the dainty crystals on the cuffs that add an extra touch of elegance!


6. EGO 7 Women's Be Air Jacket

We love this show coat because you get the structure and fit on a traditional jacket, while the mesh inserts allow the excellent airflow you get in a mesh coat. The Ego7 Be Air is a hybrid between a traditional coat and mesh coat. Featuring slight shoulder pads for an elegant silhouette and perforated panels under the arms for increased airflow.

EGO 7 Women's Be Air Jacket


7. Samshield Women's Victorine Embroidery Show Jacket

We love the new Victorine Embroidery Show Jacket because of the elegant yet fun styling. Featuring a classy floral crystal embroidery on the cuffs and lower back of the jacket. Plus the superb tailored look you've come to love from Samshield!


8. Samshield Women's Nina Show Jacket

We love this show coat because of the unique pleated bottom that gives an effortlessly feminine style. The Nina is as gorgeous as it is comfortable. Forgiving fabric that moves with you, along with crystal detailing along the waistband and back of collar make this a stunning addition to your show wardrobe.

Samshield Women's Nina Show Jacket


9. Equiline Airbag Compatible Show Coat

We love this show coat for its ability to discretely hide your safety vest. This amazing coat offers the beautiful Italian tailoring demanded by equestrians, with all the top features for breathability & functionality.

Equiline Airbag Compatible Show Coat


10. Oscar & Gabrielle Men's Jean Light Show Jacket

Oscar & Gabrielle introduces you to the new show jacket for women that is compatible with both the Helite Zip'In 2 and Free Jump Air Vests (air vests sold separately)! Do not choose between elegance and safety anymore! We love how this jacket fits so seamlessly over the airvest.

Oscar & Gabrielle Men's Jean Light Show Jacket

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