Ariat Paddock Boots

6 Best Paddock Boots

by Michelle Drum November 16, 2020

Paddock boots can take you from casual horse-riding to the barn to a night on the town. Here is what you should know about paddock boots, including some of our favorite paddock boots that our customers also love.
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Chestnut horse with rider

5 Signs You Need New Breeches

by Lizzie Lengling August 06, 2020

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Making sizing make sense!

Making Sizing Make Sense: Breeches & Show Coats

by Lizzie Lengling June 23, 2020

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Hannah Childs, the founder of Hannah Childs Lifestyle

The Woman Behind The Brand - Hannah Childs Lifestyle

by Lizzie Lengling June 16, 2020

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Welcoming Animo to The Farm House

by Lizzie Lengling June 10, 2020

We are incredibly excited to introduce a brand new line to our Farm House repertoire this spring… we are proud to now be offering Animo to all of you! The second those boxes from Italy arrived, we have been bouncing off the walls waiting to debut these fabulous clothes to [...]
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New Samshield Sneak Peek

New Samshield Sneak Peek

by Lizzie Lengling May 24, 2020

Okay y’all, get ready…. I’m back at ya with another equestrian fashion sneak peek!                                            This time I’ll give you a look into Samshield’s Spring/Summer line. Can I just say that 2020 is 100% the year [...]
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Big paint horse jumping

New Equiline Sneak Peek

by Lizzie Lengling May 15, 2020

It’s safe to say that Equiline hit it out of the park once again this year with their Spring/Summer 2020 line! It’s an exquisite combination of show and schooling attire, with subtle patterns, and fun pastel colors. Makes us even more antsy for the return to horse showing this summer! And trust me, once you see [...]
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Grey jumper horse

New Kerrits For The Show Ring

by Lizzie Lengling May 12, 2020

If you loved Kerrits before, you’re REALLY going to love the Spring/Summer 2020 line! Not only their staples that we love for schooling and trail riding, but also their re-imagined show clothes! Perfect for riders on a [...]
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Holiday VIP List

Holiday VIP List

by Michelle Drum October 23, 2019

Hello everyone, This year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday is getting closer every day, and this year, we were thinking about doing something a little different than we've done in the past. Yes, we will be having our usual Black Friday through Cyber Monday discount, but… We wanted to do something special for loyal customers like you. So this year [...]
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