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Trending on the show circuit: Spring and Summer 2024

Show season is in full swing and we are living for all the fun looks we’ve seen in the ring so far. From the hottest show jackets to the return of polo wraps, we’ve got the scoop for you.

Adult amateurs

Jewel tone jackets

We’ve been seeing jewel tones a lot more in the last couple of years, but there’s one shade that takes the cake. Green! From muted olives to emerald green, green is becoming a go-to for show days.

A few of our favorite choices for those who want to go green are the RJ Classics Monterey Show Jacket in vintage olive, For Horses Yakie Hunter Show Jacket in hunter green, and Equiline Women’s CozyC Competition Jacket in Green Milieu. 

We also absolutely loved seeing marooncobalt blue, and charcoal grey out in the ring.

Weather-ready warmup gear

We noticed a lot of sleek windbreakers at this year’s shows. A few riders even wore them during their events. Ariat windbreakers, including the Spectator Waterproof Jacket were a fan favorite. Early in the season we also noticed a lot of competitors who share our obsession with puffers like the Ideal Down jacket.

The best in breeches

The Ego7 breeches were once again a go-to choice this season. We spotted many folks sporting the Jumping EJ Knee Patch Breech in beige and even a few in white. Check out the rest of the Ego7 lineup for your next show! 

High-impact horse gear

We noticed right away that more people were using polo wraps during this year’s shows. While this fell out of vogue for a bit, keeping those legs safe and clean with polo wraps is back. Check out some of our  top choices.

We also loved seeing some of the gorgeous piping on this year’s saddle pads. If you’re looking for a highly customizable option for your saddle pads, check out Ogilvy or Equiline.

Another piece of horse gear we noticed is these eQuick eVysors , these have been really helpful for horses who are sensitive to the sun. Horses with recurrent uveitis can continue to compete out in the jumper ring and be comfortable and confident!

For grooming your horse, braieded manes and tails are the gold standard. But we are seeing creative choices in yarn colors in the pony and junior rings. No more is matching yarn to hair color the standard, we are seeing lots of fun themes with yarn color. Red, White and Blue is super popular this time of year. The typical tail with the pinwheel braid has given way to a more conservative wrapped finish to tails this season, but the pinwheel is of course alive and well. Jumper riders let their horse’s mane flow free. Although tidy, their manes are worn a bit longer of late. Occasionally jumpers are braiding up those long locks for classic or formal classes. If you’re looking to tame mane at your next show, check out our grooming products.

We’ve also seen a rise in the popularity of the red pom pom on the browband or ribbon in the forelock in the jumper ring. It seems some riders see this as a fashion trend, however it does have meaning. A red ribbon or red pom-pom in the forelock or the browband means the horse is sensitive to oncoming traffic. So if you are in a busy schooling area and see a horse wearing one in oncoming traffic, be sensitive to making sudden moves or turns until you’ve passed each other.

Junior riders

For those who aren’t glued to the live stream, on the USEF Network for Jr hunter finals,  I thought I’d share some of the trends spotted while watching the ponies and the big eq earlier this week. 

Tailored Show Jackets: Fitted and tailored jackets in technical performance-oriented fabrics were the top choice for Devon Junior weekend.  We saw lots of Charles Ancona jackets take a trip around the courses. We also saw plenty of SamshieldEquiline and R.J. Classics coats. 

Without a doubt, the number one helmet choice this past weekend was the Samshield Miss Shield 2.0. These helmets have the classic Samshield Looks with all the best in new technology. These updates include a wider brim and an improved fit so we definitely think they deserve the hype.

Breech styles were a bit more variable throughout the weekend. Tailored Sportsman was definitely the winner, with most of the pony riders.

Show boots were represented well by multiple brands between the two rings. One big standout was the pony riders in jodhpurs. The riders in jods definitely preferred Ariat paddock boots with their look.

Juniors and large pony riders in tall boots were very diverse on their tall boot preferences. 
The Tucci Sofia was a top choice, rivaled by Parlanti customs, the Ego 7 Aries, and the Ariat Ravello.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a tall boot outside of these brands on the Devon showgrounds. These boots are top-of-the-class for fit, quality, comfort, and longevity. 

Overall we are noticing a trend where riders are starting to embrace subtle crystal accenting and embroidery on their show looks. Nothing blinding. After all, these are the hunter and eq rings, but it’s nice to see a touch of elegance and flair to the old-school navy and black hues favored in the show ring these days. 

If you’re looking to add one of these trendy pieces to your collection, we’ve got you covered. Come by the store or shop online.

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