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Introducing Ariat Ravello Field Boots and Palisade Limited Edition Tall Boots

Ariat has a long-standing reputation for producing the highest quality apparel and footwear for passionate equestrians. In this guide, we’ll shine a spotlight on two standout products: the Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot and the Ariat Women’s Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot. From their premium materials to their innovative features and timeless designs, these boots are great examples of everything that makes Ariat a leader in equestrian footwear.

Why choose Ariat for your riding boots?

Riders worldwide trust Ariat riding boots for their superior performance and reliability. Here are a few reasons Ariat boots are a staple.


Ariat has a well-established reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and innovation. They ensure that each pair of boots meets the highest standards of quality and performance. From ergonomic design features to stylish accents, Ariat boots are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your performance and aesthetics in the saddle.

Advanced support technologies

Ariat riding boots are designed to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and durability, making them ideal for competition and training. With features like the 4LR™ advanced support technology, Ariat boots provide the support and stability you need for long days in the arena.

Wide range of styles and fits

Ariat offers a wide range of styles and fits in their tall riding boots, catering to various preferences and personalities. Whether you’re a competitive rider looking for show-stopping elegance or an amateur rider seeking comfort and durability, Ariat has a boot for you. 

Premium materials

Ariat constructs their boots using premium materials, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability. Ariat’s riding boots are predominantly crafted from premium full-grain leather, known for superior strength, flexibility, and longevity. In addition to leather, Ariat incorporates technical fabrics into the design of their riding boots to help keep your feet dry and cool.

Commitment to sustainability

Ariat takes a holistic approach to sustainability, considering environmental, social, and economic factors when manufacturing their products. By integrating sustainability principles into their business practices, Ariat strives to positively impact the planet and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Now that you know why Ariat’s boots are trusted by so many equestrians, let’s take a look at two of their new boots we know you’ll love.

Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot

The Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot is the perfect combination of style and substance.

A pair of tall black lace-up field boots

Fit and support

The Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot offers a snug yet comfortable fit, supporting your feet with its glove-like feel crafted from premium Italian leather. Designed with riders in mind, the boot features:

  • A full-length elasticized panel on the lateral side
  • Laces at the ankle for adjustable support
  • An elastic gusset on the inside knee for a customized fit that moves with you
  • Removable All Day Cushioning insole for adaptable support
  • Behind-the-knee mobility curve to enhance flexibility without sacrificing style 


The Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot achieves timeless sophistication with a modern twist, making it a standout choice if you seek elegance and performance. 

  • Sleek silhouette featuring a Spanish topline with an elegant cuff design
  • Full-length, premium quality coiled YKK® zipper with branded hardware for a touch of luxury and easy entry
  • Oiled leather inner calf panel to enhance the boot’s sleek profile 


The quality of these boots reflects Ariat’s dedication to craftsmanship and performance. These boots feature:

  • Handcrafted premium Italian leather
  • Luxurious and durable
  • Designed and tested by riders
  • ATS technology for ergonomic support on varied terrain
  • Duratread sole for optimal traction and durability 

Ariat Women’s Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot

The Ariat Women’s Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot is a contemporary twist on the classic field boot.

Pair of black leather tall riding boots with a croc skin patterned topline

Fit and support

The Palisade is an incredibly comfortable boot that fits snugly without being too restrictive. Some of the key fit and support features of the Palisade boot are:

  • A sleek and ultra-contoured silhouette, offering riders of all levels a snug and stylish fit
  • An exposed full zipper and boot slide for effortless entry and exit
  • Technically advanced support systems inside and out guarantee unparalleled comfort
  • 4LR™ technology for lightweight support and stability
  • Removable All Day Cushioning insole for long-lasting comfort
  • The Duratread™ sole with maximum wear resistance, providing durability that lasts ride after ride
  • A shock-absorbing built-in heel cushion that adds an extra layer of comfort and protection


The effortless combination of classic style and modern flair makes these boots stand out in the show ring or stable. They offer:

  • Full grain leather for a luxurious look
  • Exposed zipper and elasticized laces for modern flair
  • Spanish topline for an elegant touch

Whether paired with breeches or riding tights, the Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot is a fashion essential for riders who want to make a statement in the arena.


The quality of the Ariat Women’s Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot is second to none. The Palisade boots are made with:

  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of equestrian lifestyle
  • Superior fit and durability

Ravello vs. Palisade: Which to choose?

While both boots are incredible choices no matter your discipline, here are a few differences to consider. 

The Ariat Ravello Field Tall Riding Boots are perfect for riders who prefer a timeless, classic equestrian style. True to size with a rounder toe, these boots offer a comfortable and flattering fit for various foot shapes. What many riders love about the Ravello boot is its exceptional comfort right out of the box and little to no breaking in period.

While the zip guards make these boots more durable and comfortable, the snap closures are slightly more noticeable than the Palisade boots, which some equestrians don’t enjoy. Still, the Ravello Field Tall Riding Boots stand out as the perfect option for dressage and schooling, thanks to their elegant design.

The Ariat Women’s Palisade Show Tall Riding Boots are a standout choice for riders seeking contemporary style. With its slim fit and square toe, these boots offer a streamlined and flattering silhouette that gives the illusion of a long leg. The Palisade boot also has a quick break-in period, with riders saying these boots feel broken in after just one or two rides. Riders love the Palisade boots because they’re fancy enough for dressage but comfortable for cross country.

Here’s a quick-reference breakdown of how these boots compare to one another.

Ravello Field Tall Riding Boot ($800) Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot ($369)
Classic design Modern design
True to size Slim fit
Rounder toe Square toe
Broken in right out of the box Broken in after 1-2 rides
Prominent zip guards Subtle zip guards
The perfect show boot for jumping disciplines! Stylish enough for dressage, comfortable enough for cross country

Premium boots from a premium brand

Whether you’re seeking the timeless elegance of the Ravello Dress Tall Riding Boot or the modern flair of the Palisade Show Tall Riding Boot, Ariat has something to suit your style and riding needs. With premium materials, innovative features, and a commitment to sustainability, Ariat boots offer unparalleled comfort, support, and durability in the saddle. 

Ready to experience the difference for yourself? Shop all Ariat riding boots now and elevate your riding experience.

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