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Horseback Trail Riding 101: Tips for Beginners, Best Trails, & What to Wear

Our stores are located in some beautiful areas with beautiful weather. Pretty lucky, right? One of our favorite ways to get out and enjoy it is to hit the trail. Want to join us on the ride? Here’s some basic tips for getting started, where we recommend you go, and what you should wear.

What is trail riding?

Fun for beginners and experienced riders alike, trail riding is horseback riding on an outdoor trail or path. Trail rides provide a great way to spend some time outside, connect with animals, and even learn a little. They’re often about slowing down to enjoy something different.

Most trail rides will be conducted by instructors who have all the horse know-how and very well-trained horses who know the trails like the back of their hooves. Sometimes, a guide will take you along the trail at the end of a lead rope, but many of the trail rides we recommend allow you to be the rider in charge.

Horse trail riding tips

When getting ready for your trail ride, remember:

  • Wear long pants and comfortable close-toed shoes. 
  • Visit the company’s website to learn whether a helmet will be provided or you’ll need to bring one. 
  • Check the weather, and come prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, and rain gear.
  • Listen to your instructor and your horse. 
  • Be gentle, the horse knows the way. You won’t need to spur him on like a cowboy in a Western movie.
  • Be prepared for surprises! Other wildlife out there may startle you or your horse, but it’s important to stay relaxed during the ride. 
  • Stay aware of pedestrians and cyclists sharing the trails with you. 
  • Most of all, have fun!

What to wear horseback trail riding

If you’re hitting the trails, don’t forget to wear the right horseback riding attire. Here’s what you should wear when horseback trail riding:

Horseback riding trails in Landrum, SC

There’s no shortage of riding trails near our flagship store! Here are a few of our favorites.

Brights Creek 

Brights Creek is a private community and golf course which also boasts a beautiful equestrian center. In addition to their outdoor arena, they have miles of beautiful trails with mountain views. These trail rides last about an hour and pony rides are available as well.


Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE) offers a variety of beautiful types of environments to explore! It has 384 acres of hardwood forest, meadow, and wetlands to hike and ride in. The hiking trails are open to everyone, but you must be a member of FENCE to access the trails.

Cedar Creek Stables

Cedar Creek is a public trail near lovely Lake Lure. They offer stunning mountain views with three different trail riding opportunities! The rides last between one and two hours and they also offer $10 pony rides for kids eight years old and younger.

Riverside Riding Stables 

At Riverside Riding Stables, you can enjoy guided trail rides and river rides as well as a swim with horses. Their one-hour trail rides are a great option for beginners and more experienced riders alike. The River Ride is a great choice for more adventurous riders who want to enjoy a more unique experience of swimming and riding through the river with their horse

DuPont State Forest

DuPont State Forest is home to some of the best horse riding trails! If you have your own horse, you’re free to use most of the gorgeous trails in the forest! Tie-out locations, potential watering sources, and convenient trail parking are available.

Horseback Riding Trails in Tryon, NC

Tryon is all about the horses, so naturally, it’s a great place to hit the trail. Here are some of the best spots to get immersed in the equine vibe and enjoy the mountain views.

Cherokee Hill Farm

 Cherokee Hill Farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near FENCE and the Foothills Equestrian Trail Association (FETA). These hilltop views are stunning, especially in the fall!  The stables are also very nice with great amenities, and you’ll be near to the Tryon Hounds and Green Creek Hunts.

Saddle up Trail rides

Saddle Up Trail Rides offers a trail riding experience for riders at all levels in a slightly different neck of the woods (literally). With these super fun rides, you’ll be exploring Pisgah Forest and you’ll be close enough to drop into Asheville, NC for a visit.

Biltmore Stable Horse Riding

Of course, we couldn’t be a proper tour guide to North Carolina without mentioning the iconic Biltmore trail rides. This is a unique and stunning way to explore this beautiful historic house. This ride is a Western-style guided trail ride on a horse that will be appropriate for the rider’s level. (Note that only ages eight and above will be allowed to ride). If you’d rather sit in a carriage to enjoy the view, that option is available as well and is open to kids of all ages!

Learn about other places to go horseback riding in North Carolina.

Horseback riding trails in Ocala, FL

There are some absolutely stunning spots to see unique flora and fauna in Florida near our Ocala location. And in our humble opinion, there’s no better way to see them than on horseback. Here’s where we recommend you start!

Cactus Jack’s Trail Rides

Cactus Jack’s Trail Rides takes you on a unique, beautiful guided tour through some of Florida’s most beautiful fauna! Ages six and up are welcome on these one-to two-hour rides near the first-of-its-kind land bridge just off of I-75. There are also options available for more experienced riders. All tours use Western or Australian saddles. 

Mustang Moon Equine Solutions

Mustang Moon Equine Solutions provides trail and pony rides through some of Florida’s lovely glades. This trail is very peaceful, and with the rides lasting about an hour, you’ll enjoy time to chat with the passionate hosts. This farm is great for a family ride!

Diamond Oaks Farms

Diamond Oaks Farms provides a variety of experiences in the setting of a dude ranch. They even have places you can stay amongst their horses. Their riding experiences are highly personalized, and they pride themselves on letting riders control their horses rather than mane to tail.

Wherever you choose to ride this summer, we hope it’s an unforgettable day of fun in the sun for you and your loved ones! If you need horseback riding apparel for you and your family, the Farm House has you covered. Shop online for casual trail riding attire, or come visit one of our locations

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