Animo Breeches, Jackets, and Shirts: Size, Fit, and Style Guide

Animo Breeches, Jackets, and Shirts: Size, Fit, and Style Guide

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing equestrian clothing and gear, including quality and fit. This is especially true when it comes to competitions — everything matters since even minor issues of comfort can impact how well you ride. 

If you’re looking for an exceptional brand with research-backed technical offerings designed for performance, Animo should be on your shortlist. Here’s what you need to know about Animo’s breeches, jackets, and show shirts to make the right decision for your needs.

How to Select the Best Equestrian Clothing

When purchasing apparel for horse riding, you’ll want to evaluate a variety of factors like your budget, durability, and quality. You’ll find an extensive range in cost between available brands due to differences in quality. And you’ll also see a variance in the technology used to design the materials that go into the product you’ll wear. A shirt is not just a shirt when you consider your needs for flexibility of movement, keeping cool, and overall comfort. 

For peak performance, well-designed technical clothing is a must. Horse riding is a demanding sport, and you’ll want to be sure the clothing and gear you select will improve your performance and not detract from it. Choosing clothing that is comfortable, flexible, crafted with quality material, and looks great will be top priorities. Animo is an excellent brand that fits these criteria.

Why Animo?

Animo is an exclusive Italian brand that invested years of research in its high-performance equestrian clothing line. It’s known for being a technically advanced and imaginative brand that offers a line of some of the best garments available on the market today. The company crafts its garments with the finest materials with freedom of movement in mind. 

Animo products offer extraordinary flexibility while protecting from excessive heat or cold and maintaining consistent body temperature. Silver is actually woven into the fabric, which is fantastic at combating odor and transferring perspiration to the fabric’s exterior. The materials they use also reject UV rays, improving coolness when riding. When you wear Animo equestrian clothes, you’ll stay dryer and more comfortable longer in the saddle. There’s no overstating the importance of comfort during a competition!

Not only are Animo products technically advanced, but they are also incredibly comfortable. They have a light and soft touch and the added bonus that most are machine washable. Yes, you read that right! These clothes are not only high-performing, but they’re also easy to maintain. They are durable, comfortable, and fashionable. 

Animo Breeches

Amino makes some of our favorite breeches — staff and customers rave about them. Here are our favorites that we know you’ll love.

Animo Ladies Naspre Breech ($369)

Animo Naspre Breech

These Animo breeches offer a classic mid-rise with a front zip. They are a knee patch breech with an exclusive Animo Silicone Gripping System, only found with this brand. This cut has a smooth fit with great coverage that looks very flattering on different body types. They include a lining to protect from rubbing — these are breeches designed for comfort in the saddle. We offer them in four colors: navy, green, tan, and white.

Animo Ladies Noa Breech ($329)

Animo Noa Breech

If you’re looking for a cute and super comfy pair of breeches with some fun touches, these are a great choice. They have a low-rise cut that’s outlined with decorative stitching. And the low-profile back pockets even have a fun flower-like button accent. These are a favorite of many of our Animo-loving customers, and we love them, too.

Animo Show Jackets and Shirts

In addition to the thoughtfully designed breeches, Animo makes show jackets and shirts that we love featuring the same level of comfort and impressive technology. Read about our favorites.

Animo Ladies Lud Show Jacket ($799)

Animo Lud Show Jacket

This may just be the perfect show jacket for hunters! It’s a form-fitting jacket that will look stunning both in and out of the show ring as its fit perfectly highlights the rider’s silhouette. It’s comfortable, breathable, and even has real zippered pockets! It also has elegant faux buttons with the look of a beautiful button and the ease of a snap. The material is a high-quality elastic and waterproof fabric that feels like a “second skin.” No more worries about rain showers; Animo has got you covered!

Animo Ladies LP US Show Coat ($799)

Animo LP US Show Jacket

This show coat is a hit in the American hunter or equitation arena. It’s designed with structure where needed, slimming lines, and lots of stretch for comfort. It even has a hidden zipper under the button placket designed to create a clean profile in front and prevent gaps. It’s a lovely conservative look that the judges will appreciate as much as you do. And, just like with all Animo clothing, it’s crafted with high-performance fabric designed to dry quickly, regulate temperature, control odor, offer lots of stretch and give, and feel smooth and comfortable. It’s even wrinkle-resistant.

Animo Ladies Liba Show Jacket ($1,099)

Animo Liba Show Jacket

If you’re looking for a quality jacket with some extra touches, this may be the right one for you! This competition jacket features Animo quality and technology with a special flare of stunning Swarovski crystal detailing on the collar and arms. It’s hand-crafted in Italy with proprietary EVOlution fabric that’s soft and incredibly elastic, feeling like a second skin offering maximum flexibility and movement in the saddle. It also keeps the rider cool, dry, and comfortable.

Animo Basilea Show Shirt ($199)

Animo Basilea Show Shirt

This white ladies’ short-sleeve show shirt is perfect for spring and summer. It’s a classic polo style with a stand-up collar made of soft pique knit. The material is moisture-wicking, anti-static, anti-odor, and hypoallergenic. It’s also comfortable, stretchy, and designed to retain its shape, so it always offers that perfect look with feminine Italian style.

Animo Size Charts

Animo sizing tends to run a bit smaller than sizing found with American brands. So, check the measurements and select your size based on them and not on the size you typically wear. Here are the size charts for their products.

Animo Size Chart for Breeches, Jackets, and Shirts

Amino Size Chart for Breeches, Jackets, and Shirts

A Premium Brand Designed for Comfort

Animo leverages its years of research and testing to craft clothing made from top-quality fabrics. These technical materials make for some of the best cooling and most comfortable clothing for equestrians, offering impressive freedom of movement. If you’re looking for a quality brand designed to last, look no further than Animo.

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