Walsh British Halter

We love the Walsh British Halter mainly because it will instantly elevate any horse's look whether it's just around the stable or at a show! The American-made, premium quality Walsh British Halter offers a touch of luxury and a top-notch look. Handcrafted of rich leather, the British Halter looks beautiful from day one and only gets better with time. It features an intricate, fancy-stitched pattern on the noseband and crownpiece. 

The British Leather Halter by Walsh offers your horse a stylish headstall made of high quality triple-stitched English leather, suitable for horse shows or everyday use. The British Halter is made of English hand rubbed bridle leather in 1" two-ply leather for lasting durability. Havana leather and white thread give this halter a beautiful contrasted look. In addition the halter comes with an adjustable crown, rolled throat with snap and solid brass hardware, making it extremely convenient and versatile. The British leather halter features superior construction with a straight chin and throat-latch snap made of solid brass.

Since 1914, Walsh has continued its time honored tradition of exceptionally handcrafted equine products. For 100 years, their products have been manufactured in the United States. Walsh products are constructed with an attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

  • The halter that we are known for! There is not a halter on the market as timeless and classic as our British Halter. 
  • Triple stitched with a straight chin and snap at the throatlatch, this is simply a must have.
  • Rolled Throat Latch with Snap
  • Brass Hardware
  • Beautifully Contrasted Stitching
  • Adjustable Crown

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