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Tarrago Shoe Cream

Tarrago Shoe Cream

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We love this Tarrago Shoe Cream polish because it nourishes all your leather goods along with providing a long lasting waterproof protection that can easily dry quickly if on the go!!

Tarrago Shoe Cream polish is a soft wax-based shoe cream that nourishes and maintains shoes, boots, belts, handbags, crafts or other leather goods. It shines and enhances the color of leather and synthetic leather and can be used on all natural and smooth leather such as cowhide, goat, pig and equine leather. Enriched with natural waxes like bees wax and carnauba wax , Tarrago Shoe Cream softens and nourishes, providing a lasting shine and waterproof protection. High quality pigments provide great coverage that dries very quickly and is safe for the environment.

  • Maintains
  • Nourishes
  • Shines and enhances natural features of materials 
  • Waterproof protection
  • Dries quickly
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