Metalab Leather Pelham Pinchless Bit

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The Metalab Leather Pelham Bithas a unique design sure to be appreciated by your horse! Featuring standard metal construction with leather covering over the mouthpiece, this bit easily warms up and softly conforms to your horse's mouth. It also has a pinchless design, with the center of the joint rotating 360-degrees to avoid pinching the tongue when the reins are engaged. This also allows each side of the bit to move independently for clearer communication.

The uniquely angled cheek pieces also prevent this bit from pinching the sides of the horse's face, allowing your horse to respond to only pressure instead of avoiding pain. The Pelham style provides versatility for a different horses and disciplines.

  • Single-Jointed Bit
  • Leather Covered Mouthpiece Softens Easily
  • Pinchless Center Rotates 360-Degrees
  • Angled Cheek Piece Prevents Pinching of Face
  • Versatile Pelham Cheek
  • 4" Cheek with 2" Shank