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Kincade Rainbow Reins With Hook Studs

Kincade Rainbow Reins With Hook Studs

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We love these Kincade Rainbow Reins, because they're great when it comes to learning where to grip the reins for beginner riders.

Perfect visual aid for riding instructors and riders. The different rubber colors help visually show where the reins need to be gripped for different riding phases and styles, but also to help when riders' hands begin to slip from a held position. 

Overall, great reins for everyday riding, trail and cross-country as well. The rubber color grips offer extra support and grip so the rider can hold the reins better which in turn gives them more control. The leather and stainless steel hook ends also offering more dependability to the rider's control. 

  • 4 Different Colored Rubber Grips
  • Leather
  • Stainless Steel Hook Ends
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