Hit Air SKV Airbag Vest - Child's

We love this wonderful vest for so many reasons! This vest ensures the safety of your child, your most precious possession. Without this airbag safety vest, your child is vulnerable to the many hazards of horseback riding. Protect them from any fall they might possibly take with this lightweight, attractive, and highly functional vest.

The Child's Hit-Air SKV airbag vest has all the design and protective features of the adult vest. The lightweight, neat fit is designed to encourage children to wear the Hit-Air vest every time they ride. It can be worn over a body protector for ultimate protection and to adhere to BE and Pony Club regulations in competition - or on its own if children would otherwise wear no protection at all. This vest uses a 50cc canister.

Additionally, these vests are designed to deploy outward away from the body making it more comfortable in the event of deployment. Competing brands deploy inwards occasionally causing discomfort to the wearer when activated.

  • As soon as the rider is thrown from the horse, the airbag inflates and protects the rider’s neck, back, chest, sides, and hip.
  • Hit-air is rider’s wear containing shoulder, elbow, and back padding (back padding is only for vests) and airbag system.
  • Shock-buffering protection system will be activated immediately after the distance from the rider to the horse exceeds the “activation distance”, when the key ball is pulled out from the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, back, chest, side, and hip airbags for lessening the effect of impact on rider’ body.
  • After the airbag is inflated in full, it leaks the gas slowly through the gas release valve and a feeling of tightness will subside gradually.
  • Easy connection/disconnection of the coiled wire by one-touch release when getting on/off the horse.
  • If a rider forgets to disconnect the one-touch release when he gets off a horse, he may feel the pulling force which will not be strong enough to activate the airbag system but will remind him that he has forgotten to do so.
  • The airbag is reusable repeatedly after the deployment by replacing a CO2 cartridge, if there is no wear and tear on the jacket/vest.
  • Wearable over an ordinary jacket or a raincoat. Designed to minimize contact area with the jacket. Adjust the size using a waist adjuster.
  • A maintenance check is recommended at least once a year, depending on the frequency of use or activation. An additional or replacement key ball set and coiled wire are sold separately.
  • Wipe the surface of the Hit-Air system (neck, hip cushions, etc.) with a damp cloth to remove stains. Hang it up together with a CO2 cartridge, spray water on its surface with a shower except on the key box which should not get wet.
  • Recommended for use over body protectors.
  • Uses 50 cc cartridge
  • Available in Black
    (Other colors available by special order, please call us for more information) 
  • Weight 870 g (1.9 pounds)
  • One size fits most kids 4'3" - 5'3" 

All vests need a saddle strap attachment to function properly. The saddle strap connects to the stirrup bars, the vest is then connected to the saddle strap. Failure to use the Hit-Air saddle strap to connect your vest to your saddle may result in your vest failing to perform properly in the event of a fall. 

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