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Freejump Women's Mona Show Jacket

Freejump Women's Mona Show Jacket

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The Mona show jacket has been carefully designed to provide utmost comfort and exquisite style. The perfect fit and silhouette feature a pre-shaped sleeves, a back with two vents, and a chest opening.

The Mona show jacket guarantees comfort, performance, and sophistication.

With impeccable finishes including glued assemblies, a partially lined back, and shoulder pads, the Mona jacket ensures a perfect fit. The laser-cut perforated bands on the pockets and collar and the glittery Freejump dragonfly on the sleeve add a touch of elegance and refinement.

The Mona show jacket is made from a premium Italian technical fabric that combines silky softness and breathability. The double-layered fabric includes an abrasion-resistant polyamide base that limits odors and bacteria, while the elastane with Xtra Life Lycra technology offers exceptional flexibility.

  • Airbag Freejump compatible
  • Freejump dragonfly on sleeve
  • Perforations on collar and pockets

Care and maintenance

The Mona jacket offers a quick-drying fabric and the benefit of UPF50+ UV protection. The jacket is easy to care for, as it is machine washable at 30° and does not need to be ironed. It carries the Oeko-Tex guarantee, which ensures it is free from harmful substances, while the Sensitiveecosystem guarantee effectively limits odors and bacteria.

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