Edgewood 5/8" Flat Curb Reins

11/22 **Edgewood is experiencing post-pandemic delays in raw materials and is quoting 24 weeks ( 6 months) to fulfill orders. In the spirit of customer service, we have pulled these pieces off the website, until Edgewood is back up and running at 100%. We do have a limited inventory of Edgewood pieces available. If you would like to check real-time availability or to pre-order Edgewood, please give us a call at 864-457-3557.

Edgewood's flat pelham curb reins in a slightly wider width. These curb reins give the rider just a little something more to hold, ideal for riders who struggle with determining which rein to shorten while riding with double reins. 

  • Available in chestnut brown
  • 5/8" width


  1. A = 48" / Pony
  2. B = 54" / Horse
  3. C = 60" / Oversize
  4. XO = 66" / Extra Long

Please note the difference in price in the C and XO length/size.