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Breeches for Hunter Jumper

Breeches for hunter riders vary from super comfortable schooling tights to more formal structured breeches used for competing. A lot of your decision will depend on what level you are riding at. Schooling tights are great for casual riding and lower-level lessons. Generally, as you progress towards competing trainers prefer to see a more traditional breech that offers a more polished look and encourages confidence in any ring.

English Show Shirts for Hunters

English Show Shirts are necessary for riding competitions. These shirts are sometimes referred to as ‘Ratcatcher’ shirts, they pay homage to the traditional shirt worn while Foxhunting. Show shirts are available in a variety of fabrics, and styles with options like short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, wing-style wrap collars, straight snap collars as well as detachable collars. These days trends with English Show Shirts for riders in the hunter discipline lean at white shirts only, however, conservative colors and prints are also considered appropriate, unless showing in a formal class. Formal classes will always call for a white show shirt. 

Jumping Saddle Pads for Schooling

For every day riding hunters use square all purpose saddle pads that come in a variety of styles, colors and prints. The all purpose saddle pad is contoured to follow the curve at the front of the saddle as well as offer plenty of clearance for the horses withers. 

Hunter Bridles

Choosing a hunter bridle requires some thought. What kind of head does your horse have? Is he a big boned? Perhaps you have a petite fine mare?  A wide noseband bridle might be trendy but it’s going to make a petite headed horse look bulky. The same can be said for the larger headed horse when narrow bridlework is used. Either way the correct sizing does matter here and you have some choices to make. That said, color is not something you have to choose, brown and hook stud bit attachments (no buckle attachments at the bit for the hunters!) are always the name of the game when shopping for a hunter bridle. With all the options we carry, we are sure to have the bridle that will accent the head of your horse perfectly.