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Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit

Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit

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We love the brand new Carry-Cool® Cooling System because it is the height of innovation for your horse. No more running back to the barn to ice your horse after an intense round... just bring your Carry-Cool® right with you to the ring. Stays cool all day long! Go for the Cold with Carry-Cool!

Carry-Cool® is a portable kit that helps cool down the temperature of a hot horse. The patented wrap design is made from a super absorbent, contoured material that wraps around the neck of the horse and is carried in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs, where it stays chilled until use.

Carry-Cool ® works in conjunction with your equine's natural cooling system to safely restore and refresh your horse.

The EquiSources® Carry-Cool® Sport Horse Cooling Kit was specifically designed to lower the elevated body temperature of a hot horse. The EquiSources® Cooling Kit features these key parts: (1) super, absorbent wrap designed from PVA material, (1) insulated cooler tube, (1) water-resistant sleeve, (2) elastic straps, and (2) custom ice packs.

The patent-pending, contoured design adjusts to your horse’s neck and body, with removable attachment straps that allow for use while wearing tack. Carry-Cool® is the ideal, portable solution for effective cool down treatment

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