Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Open Front Boots

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We love these Verdus Carbon Gel Vento Open Front Boots because of the quality materials and design used for optimum protection and cooling. 

Features Rigid-PU™ which is an anatomic dual density shell provides the highest level of protection while allowing for freedom of movement and providing maximum support and ultimate comfort. Carbon Fiber™ provides the highest level of impact protection in strike zones. Including EVA™ Foam  for added shock absorption and protection for flexor tendon. In addition to Nitrexgel™ which is shock absorbing gel reduces the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%. The AEROX® vented neoprene lining provides the highest level of ventilation with shock absorption.

While the 3D Ducted Mesh™ channels heat away. Double Ventilation System releases heat build-up by channeling the heat away from the horse's leg. The AquaShell™ provides waterproof protection and will not absorb moisture. These boots also feature Quick-Release Tip™, allowing extremely fast yet secure hooking and unhooking with one hand. Easily hand washable in cold water with EZCare™.

  • Anatomic Duel Density Shell

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Maximum Support

  • Impact Protection

  • Shock Absorbing Gel

  • Vented Neoprene Lining

  • Mesh Channels Heat Away

  • Double Ventilation System

  • Waterproof Protection

  • Easy & Secure Hooking & Unhooking with One Hand

  • Hand Washable

  • Made in Italy