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The founder of R.J. Classics was inspired by her daughter, who was an avid junior rider. Because she couldn’t find options that fit her daughter’s needs and budget, she realized a gap in the marketplace for affordable, fashionable riding apparel, particularly for young riders. With a professional background in the apparel industry, she launched the company with a mission to offer fashionable, high-quality riding apparel at a variety of price points. The brand has since expanded to a full range of equestrian clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. 

Why You’ll Love R.J. Classics

R.J. Classics’ style selection is truly astounding. From show coats to shirts to breeches to accessories, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your tastes and riding discipline. You’ll truly stand out in the show ring or on the field.

Popular Products

R.J. Classics’ breeches are distinctive. The Aria Ladies' Silicone Full Seat Breech features a silicone full seat in a mid-rise, front zip design with quick-dry stretch fabric that provides amazing hand-feel, sculpt, and coverage. The R.J. Classics Harper Ladies Silicone Knee Patch Breech is a customer favorite as well, with a natural rise, front zip, and silicone knee patches. It also features the premium quick-dry stretch fabric. The Victory Show Coat, Nora Show Coat, and Rhapsody Mesh Shadbelly are top-rated customer picks. 

What Others Are Saying

The RJ Classics Harmony Jacket is AMAZING. I love the combination of the mesh show coat with some structure like a traditional jacket to add a more tailored look while keeping you cool!

I’ve been wearing RJ for years! Classic show jackets that keep getting better with the times, and super cute breeches, perfect for showing and schooling! - Eliza K.

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