Poponcini Full Cheek Gag Bit

The gag bit is a bit whose side pieces have two bars. This shape creates more pressure on the horse's cheeks (even more than with a D-bit). This makes a horse easier to maneuver and a bit cannot be pulled through the mouth so easily. This makes the full cheek snaffle a fine bit to train young horses. Note: this is a bit sharper bit than a water, D, and bust bit.

A full cheek is stable and quiet in the mouth.

To make a gag bit even more effective, two straps on either side of the bit can be attached to the bridle through which the ends of the top toggles slide. These straps ensure that the toggles do not get stuck under the noseband of the horse and the straps provide slightly greater leverage than when they are not used.

Thickness of the mouthpiece: 19mm

Lengths of branches: 16.5cm

Size rings: 80mm

Available size: 13.5 cm - about 5"


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