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Ogilvy Equestrian saddle pads are an exceptional-quality option for you and your horse. 

Ogilvy Equestrian is a family-based company that was founded to create a saddle pad that would reduce friction, provide comfort for horse and rider, and be machine washable and stain-resistant. Ogilvy saddle pads are a favorite of many of today’s top riders, including Jill Henselwood, Phillipe Lejeune, Nick Skelton, and Lionel Guyon.

Why You’ll Love Ogilvy

Memory foam and quick-dry hollow-core fibers are the magic behind Ogilvy Equestrian’s saddle pads. And the pads’ construction provides maximum freedom of movement and suppleness and eliminates rubbing. It also distributes pressure and eliminates tensions caused by the saddle. The result is comfort for the horse and rider, improving performance.

Popular Products

The Ogilvy Jumper Memory Foam Half Pad is well-loved by many of our clients. It combines the brand’s classic V-top shape and anti-friction materials with removable memory foam pads. The Ogilvy Eventer Profile Saddle Pad is another favorite. Made of resistant poly cotton twill protected with stain-resistant in the outside, the memory foam is replaced with high-performing hollow-core fibers that wick away the moisture from your horse, allowing the pad to dry quickly after use. The Ogilvy Jumper Baby Pad is another option with the quick-dry interior. 

What Others Are Saying

“Absolutely love love love this! Got it to match my Ogilvy half pad and it's truly perfect. Well-made, amazing vibrant colors, and comfy! Would recommend.” — FHT Customer

“Loving my new XC saddle pad that I got designed with custom colors!  High-quality product at a good price.” — Courtney S.