Helite Safety Vest Replacement Co2 Canisters

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Helite Airbag Safety Vest Replacement CO2 Cartridges (each sold separately)

Which size do I need?

  • 50cc - Child Large, Adult XS
  • 60cc - Adult S-L
  • 85cc - Adult XL-2XL

If you are ordering more than one cartridge please note, due to hazmat restrictions we are limited to a maximum of 120 cc of C02  per package. 

If you purchase more than 120cc's our customer service department will reach out to you with a quote for additional shipping costs.

The following combination of cartridges may be shipped without incurring additional shipping charges:  
Two 60 CC Cartridges
One 60 CC & One 50 CC Cartridge
One 85 CC Cartridge