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Freejump "Y" Style Saddle Strap

Freejump "Y" Style Saddle Strap

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We love this new design of the FreeJump Saddle strap for your vest! This new style is much quieter and less intrusive than the metal snap on the metal dee while competing.

This New saddle strap (Y): lighter, quieter, high-performance textile

Saddle Strap (Y): The individual user is responsible for adjusting the length of the saddle straps and installing them on the saddle, as well as hooking the carabiner of the key-ball lanyard to the saddle every time he rides his horse.

The Y CORD attaches to the knives of the saddle and allows the KEYBALL STRAP of the airbag to be perfectly centered for optimal airbag inflation.
The saddle’s ring is absolutely not made to support the pressure of a fall!

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