EquiFit T-Foam Anatomical Hunter Girth

We love the EquiFit T-Foam Anatomical Hunter Girth for its premium design that includes English leather, fancy stitching and removable T-Foam liners. Great for girthy horses. Superior stability, comfort, fit and freedom of movement make the EquiFit T-Foam Anatomical Hunter Girth the most advantageous girth on the market. 

Don't sacrifice your horse's comfort for a secure fit. Our anatomically shaped girths are designed to provide a superior fit with greater freedom of movement, making them the most comfortable girth on the market. T-Foam replacement liner reacts to body pressure and heat and conforms to provide a custom fit for every horse, with every use. T-Foam absorbs 97% of shock and vibration and the open cell structure is self ventilating to prevent overheating. To allow for easier breathing and movement, both ends are secured with elastic. These girths are hand crafted using only the finest premium English leather.

  •     Provides maximum comfort
  •     Absorbs 97% of shock and vibration under impact
  •     Allows for easier breathing and movement
  •     Does not inhibit jump
  •     Breathable material aids in perspiration control
  •     Eliminates chafing
  •     Increased comfort while tightening
  •     Used by top riders like Jennifer Alfano, Hope Glynn, John French

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