Jump' in Waterford Wilson Bit

We love this bit because you get the best of both worlds with the addition of the waterford mouthpiece in this wilson bit.

Featuring 70mm rings, 17 mm mouthpiece, and composed of a German Silver Alloy, this bit is unique in the fact that breaks up the pressure points on the horse. Comprised with 4 rings, the "loose" inner rings are attached the the cheekpieces and the outer rings are connected to the reins. The bit squeezes the cheeks as opposed to pulling on the bars of the mouth. 

  • The waterford mouthpiece deters a heavy horse from leaning on the bit.
Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and in accordance to biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners we are no longer able to accept returns on bits.