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Hit Air Kids Pro3 Air Vest

Hit Air Kids Pro3 Air Vest

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We love this wonderful vest for so many reasons! This vest ensures the safety of your child, your most precious possession. Without this airbag safety vest, your child is vulnerable to the many hazards of horseback riding. Protect them from any fall they might possibly take with this lightweight, attractive, and highly functional vest.

The Pro 3 Kids vest has all the design and protective features of the adult vest. It can be worn over a body protector for ultimate protection and to adhere to BE and Pony Club regulations in competition – or on its own if children would otherwise wear no protection at all. Additional padding is placed on both sides of the chest and spine panels for added strength and protection. The Pro 3 Kids is CE NF S72-800:2022 certified. 

Vest comes with one of each of the following:

  • (1) 50cc CO2 Cartridge
  • (1) All-In-One Lanyard & Saddle Strap
  • (1) B Type Key Ball
  • (1) B Type Tool Kit and Directions

NOTICE: This vest is not ASTM approved. It must be worn over an ASTM approved body protector in competition where an ASTM approved body protector is required.

All vests need a saddle strap attachment to function properly. The saddle strap connects to the stirrup bars, then the vest is connected to the saddle strap. For the western coil strap you would loop this over the saddle horn. Failure to use the Hit-Air saddle strap to connect your vest to your saddle may result in your vest failing to perform properly in the event of a fall. 

All vest models are compatible with all lanyard styles. CO2 Cartridge sizes are vest model and size specific. Please make sure you are buying the correct size CO2 cartridge for your vest.

  • Tool Kits and Key Balls are vest Model specific
  • Buckle Extenders are vest Model specific
  • Hit-Air vests should not be used on horses under 13.2 hh
  • CE NF S72-800:2022 Certified
  • One size available: fits most kids 4'3" - 5'3"
  • Standard Pro 3 Kids (SKV) has a weight minimum requirement of 55 lbs
  • To use a Hit-Air vest, customers MUST be above the weight limit AND fit within the listed measurements

Don't forget your English or Western Coil Lanyards!

Don't forget your Adjustable Saddle Strap!

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