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Ego 7 Women's Jumping CA Knee Patch Breech

Ego 7 Women's Jumping CA Knee Patch Breech

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We love Ego 7 Women's Jumping CA Knee Patch Breeches for the comfortable higher waist design with a V styled back. These breeches are modern and attractive!

EGO7 Jumping CA breech, women’s horse riding trousers with flattering front pockets, high waisted belt with V cut and zip detail on the back. Superior performance and fit guaranteed thanks to the signature cut developed by Italian designers and the use of the best technical materials for sports. EGO7 Jumping CA breeches, with attractive, modern style, are perfect for both competition or daily training, particularly suitable for dressage. Easy non-iron care.

The revolutionary fabric of EGO7 breeches, 100% jersey made in Italy, ensures a perfect fit with four-way stretch for unrestricted movement, support and shape retention: a comfort never felt before, breathability and better contact with the horse while riding. A modified high waist sits fashionably high in front and rises in back for complete covers. EGO7 CA breeches feature double hook button, and silicone knee grip, for exceptional sticking power, to allow stability in the saddle, and on the interior of the waistband, to prevent shirts from untucking.

Cold machine wash. EGO7 care label is affixed to every product and provides you specific, easy-to-follow instructions to maintain the beauty of your EGO7 product.

  • Developed in Italy 

  • Made from 100% Italian Jersey

  • Four-Way Stretch

  • Shape Retention and Support

  • Modified High Waist- High in Front, Rises in Back for Coverage

  • Silicone Knee Patches

  • Two Buttons

  • Silicone Within Waistband

  • Flattering Front Pockets with Zipper Detailing

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