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Fleeceworks Shadow Roll

Fleeceworks Shadow Roll

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We love the Fleeceworks Shadow Roll because it fits securely and comfortably over the noseband to restrict a horse’s view of the ground right in front of him. It will help to build confidence in your horse by eliminating "spooky shadows" on the ground directly beneath him that he may try to jump. You will find your horse to be less distracted and nervous as he focuses less on visible distractions and is encouraged to move forward at a steady pace.

The Fleeceworks Shadow Roll will keep your horse's nose comfy throughout your ride, while the high top arch keeps the horse focused ahead instead of underneath him. Secure Velcro closure wraps around the bridle's noseband up to one inch wide. These luxury shadow rolls are made of one-inch thick plush Merino wool pile which assures the horse's comfort on long rides and in all weather. 

  • Machine washable
  • Secure velcro closure
  • Sturdy foam enclosed within soft fleece
  • Padded front
  • Detachable for Ultimate Ease of Use
  • Exclusive Plush and Dense 1" Merino Sheepskin 
  • Machine Washable with Mild Detergent
  • Use with Bridle to Keep Horse's Focus In Front of Them
  • One Size Fits All
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