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Jammies Hood With Zipper

Jammies Hood With Zipper

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Jammies Hood with zipper. These multi functional spandex hoods tame manes, keep coats shiny, keep braids tidy over night & prevent shoulders from chafing. Jammies help messy horses stay clean by shielding against shavings, dust, and dirt.

A heavy-duty zipper, seamless face design with generous eye and ear holes and wide-band satin elastic around the muzzle provide a comfortable, chafe-free fit. High quality 4-way stretch nylon Lycra and an adjustable elastic girth with a durable contoured buckle allow for easy on and off.

  • Made by Toklat in the U.S.A.
  • Machine washable, available in black or navy
  • sizes small - extra large
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Seamless face design
  • Chafe-free fit
  • 4 Way stretch nylon lycra
  • Adjustable elastic girth 

Size Guide:
Small (300-600 lbs) - Small & Medium Ponies
Medium (600-900 lbs) Medium, Large Ponies & Small Horses
Large (900-1200 lbs) Full / Average size horses.
Extra Large (1200 lbs +) Warmblood / Over size.

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