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Equiline Soundless Ear Net

Equiline Soundless Ear Net

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We love the Equiline multilayer Soundless Ear net (SLE) because it allows the horse to remain concentrated on its work avoiding any distraction from environmental noises. Made up of 3 layers combining cotton and soundproofing material. The Equiline multilayer Soundless Ear net (SLE) is an ultimate performance enhancer if your horse is susceptible to spooking or getting distracted. SLE is made up of 3 layers: the lower and the upper layer are made of allergy-free cotton with a special antibacterial treatment, while the middle layer is made of technical soundproof material. The Equiline Soundless Ear Net gives more comfort allowing greater concentration for high-level performance. 

Multilayered construction: upper and lower layers in hypoallergenic cotton with antibacterial treatment, inner layer in soundproof material to muffle ambient noise.

  • Original soundless ear net
  • Dressage Legal
  • Blocks out the noise for a smoother ride
  • Ultimate performance enhancer for horses that spook easily
  • Constructed of hypoallergenic cotton for supreme comfort
  • Pony only available in Black
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