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Your Horse's Bridgerton Name- Social Fun Highlights

With our ton buzzing about the premier of Season 3 of Bridgerton, we posed a question for our Lords and Ladies on social media. Based on your horse’s barn name, favorite treat (plus -ton), and your horse’s breed, what would be your Bridgerton name? Allow us to introduce our social media followers’ fabulous horses making their grand debut into society this season.

Lady Dalton Molasseston of American Paint

Missy Bright
Lord Harrison of AppleOatton of Paint

Lady Georgia Mintton of Quarter

Mich Green
Lord Kai Goodyton of Hanoverian

Stacey L. Bates
Lady Sulley Icedoatmealcookieton of Oldenburg!

Lord Le Grand Bananaton of Oldenburg! 😂😂😂

Tracy Wrabiutza Ceres
Lady Twinkle-toes Appleton of Belgium Cross

Lady Princeton Peppermint of Quarter Pony

Mariza Greenwald
Lord Fred Minton of Oldenburg 👑

Lord Sir Larry Peppermint of American Saddlebred

Hannah Scholl
Lady Rosy Appleton of Paso Fino 💖

Lord Levi Stud Muffin of Thoroughbred 😂

Laura Quintell
Lady Mac Doodlebug of Paint

Lord Flappy Carroton of Paint

Angie Darr
Lady Maverick Apple Biteston of Shire

Christa Traeger
Lady Gavin Minty Muffinton of Sweden

Lady Rocket Cookieton of Thoroughbred

Mich Green
Lord Frenchie Carrotton of Hannoverian

Lady Laney Bananaton of Paint

Heidi Campbell
Lord Tolkien MolassesOatBallton of Thoroughbred

Lady Zulu Beet Treatton of Shire

Caroline Berry
Lady Elliott Pepperminton of Thoroughbred

Lord Lad Everythington of Irish Sport Horse? lol

Rebecca Kelley
Lady Bird Peppermintton of Standardbred and Lord Dewi Peppermintton of Standardbred

Lord Woody Anythington of Welsh and Lord Mumu Sourpatchton of Welsh

Karen Cotter
Lady Winter Appleton of Shire

Diane Stickley
Lady Henry Carrot of Thoroughbred

Lady Cappuccino Studmuffinton of Paint 😂

Sally Frick
Lord King Friendsnackton of Westphalia

We loved meeting all of these esteemed equines! Your names are all worthy of the title of this season’s diamond. Channel your inner Lady Whistledown and add your horse’s name in the comments.

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Lord wallbert pepermenton of quarter pony

Kristen Smoak

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