What No One Told You About Owning Your Own Horse

What No One Told You About Owning Your Own Horse

Our last blog “Weird Stuff Horse People Do” was a hilarious hit. So we are back with another relatable post that we know you'll want to read. We posted on Facebook last month and these are some of the responses we got. 

“I wish someone taught me how to pull a shoe... one day my horse sprung one and I spent ages trying to pry it off his foot.” -Michelle 
"There is no drama like barn drama. Do not spectate. Run." -Jennifer L.
"That they don’t drink like a dog. When I was 7 I thought my horse was drowning himself" -Amy T.
"All horse people have some level of psychotic tendencies" -Noelle K.
"Do NOT own a mare” -Laurie R.
"How crazy the people that come with the horse industry can be." -Rebekah C.
"Put GPS on shoes so they are easier to find!" Anja T.. 
"The expensive injuries and the rehab!" - Joyce C.
"Ponies are not just for kids. I'm an older person ride a med pony ." -Katie L. 
"I definitely should have just collected rocks... but now I'm a pony-squisher for life" -Lizzie L. 


Glad to know we're not alone on some of these. We are so excited to continue to feature you guys in another blog! Check out our post here. Make sure to always comment on our posts if you want to be featured and follow our Facebook page for more relatable and supporting content. We can’t wait for more featured blog posts! If you think we missed anything, comment below. 

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The purchase price is NOTHING…..

Rebeccal Jill Marshall

I wished I had known how incredibly different owning a horse is from any other animal. The deep connection you develop is like no other, super great stuff!

Katherine Nelson

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