Welcoming Animo to The Farm House


We are incredibly excited to introduce a brand new line to our Farm House repertoire this spring… we are proud to now be offering Animo to all of you! The second those boxes from Italy arrived, we have been bouncing off the walls waiting to debut these fabulous clothes to you!

Animo is an exclusive Italian brand poised for the highest level of equestrian competitors featuring the latest European fashion and technology. The superior craftsmanship and high-performance fabric make Animo a must have for any equestrian!

Read below to see what makes Animo so cool as well as a look at some of the new pieces that just arrived!

Animo strives to create tasteful garments that will hold up to the rigorous requirements of the equestrian lifestyle while still maintaining comfort. To do this the company uses the top performance materials which offer some awesome features!

First off, all Animo fabrics are “bi-elastic”, meaning the fabric allows for total freedom of movement, while also helping to gently shape the body. Yay for no more awkward lumps and bumps!

Next, the fabric has silver woven in with the threads. The silver ions have antimicrobial properties that create a hypoallergenic fabric as well cuts down on unwanted odors! Because let’s face it, no matter what we do… there’s no avoiding the sweat that happens on those summer show days!

On the topic of hot show days, Animo products are also lightweight and breathable, not to mention moisture wicking to ensure you stay dry and comfy.

And finally, what might be the best of all… all items are MACHINE WASHABLE! Yes, you heard right, these bad boys don’t require dry-cleaning! If you’re low maintenance like me then this is the icing on the cake.

Okay okay, enough technical talk, y’all came here for a sneak peek right? Well, get ready to drool over some gorgeous show coats and breeches! Oh and shoutout to my co-worker Morgan, for modeling with me. We had a ton of fun as you can see!

Farm House girls having fun

Ladies Lud Show Jacket

Calling all my friends in hunter land, believe me when I tell you, this is the show coat for you! Not only does the Lud create a stunning silhouette and is beyond comfortable, but it’s the little details that really put this jacket on the top of my list. Made with water-resistant fabric, no need to worry about those intermittent showers anymore and features elegant faux buttons, aka the best of both worlds- the ease of snaps, but the look of a button, genius! And brace yourselves… this jacket has REAL POCKETS! And not teeny tiny pockets, but full-sized zip pockets, perfect for holding your essentials between classes. Choose from Mercury- a greyish blue, or Lotus - a rich hunter green, and get ready to rock this season!

            Animo Lud has pockets        Animo Lud Show Jacket               

Ladies Liba Show Jacket

If you’re looking for something with a bit more pizzazz, the Liba jacket will not disappoint! All the amazing features of the Lud (water-resistant fabric, faux buttons, zip pockets) plus Swarovski crystal detailing on the collar, cuffs, and buttons that simply puts this jacket over the top! Available in Overseas and Brown, both bold colors are sure to satisfy the glitziest competitor.

                    Animo Liba Show Jacket               


Naspre Breech

These are officially my new favorite breech! The Naspre is a true midrise (cue the happy dance, am I right?) featuring Animo’s signature silicone grip knee patches. Wide waistband, moisture-wicking fabric, and unbeatable fit make this breech in a class of its own. Available in Navy, Green, and my personal favorite, (simply because of the name) Squirrel Grey! I for one will soon be the owner of all three!

Animo Naspre Breeches                                          

Noa Breech

If lowrise breeches are your jam, check out the Noa Breech! Available in two eye-catching colors that are sure to add some spice to your schooling wardrobe. The striking purple will turn anyone’s head, and the slightly more subdued Overseas Blue is still plenty of fun without giving your trainer a heart attack! 

                              Animo Noa Breeches             

Keep an eye out for even more Animo arrivals this summer!

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