Weird Stuff Horse People Do

Weird Stuff Horse People Do

Our last blog “How to tell people you’re an equestrian without telling people you’re an equestrian” was a huge hit. So we are back with another relatable and hilarious post that we know you just get. We posted on Facebook last week and these are some of the awesome responses we got. Trust us, we are right there with you.  

“It was a hard habit to break, but when my now husband and I first started dating, I was waiting on him to leave. I went ‘click click’ and said let’s go. And that’s when the fight started……” -Allie R. 

“I was at the grocery store, in the checkout line, with my daughter when she was about 4yrs old. She is telling me how she has some sort of injury to her leg and says that she’s “lame” instead of hurt. The cashier was very confused!”-Kelli P.

“My house is nowhere close to as organized as my barn is. Check out my tips on how I keep my tack trunk organized. My closet will never be this clean.” -Lizzie L.
“Paying $250 in farrier fees every 6 weeks and hesitating on spending $50 for a pair of shoes on sale. I will go broke over this animal….” Michelle
“Talking about a ‘green’ horse! Normal people think ‘horses are not green are they?” -Brittany L.

“Spending hours clipping the hair off horses in winter, then having to keep blankets on them to keep them warm because you clipped off their hair. The things we do for our horses.” -David D.

“Empty banamine syringes in the console and door pockets of the truck. Baggies of super suspicious looking supplements in said truck. I have pill bottles rolling around in my car. I promise it’s not what it looks like…..” Lizzie L. 

“We just talk in a “horsey way”….. if you know you know” – Mary Ann L.


“I always get asked why I keep a wad of hay string in my car, you can use it for everything!” -Melissa M. 

“People usually do not get fly masks, I get asked why are you blindfolding your horses?!”-Judy H.

“Our casual relationship with horse poop…. Yea I pick it up with my bare hands” -Jeff C. & Sandy E.

“Here, smell this saddle soap” -Jacqueline G.

“Your vehicle is basically a rolling tack room and feed shop. Complete with five different outfits for any situation or weather. It 100% smells worse than the barn itself.” -Mary S.

“I just love that horsey smell.” -Carole C.

Glad to know we’re not alone on some of these. We are so excited to continue to feature you guys in another blog! Check out our post here. Make sure to always comment on our posts if you want to be featured and follow our Facebook page for more relatable and supporting content. We can’t wait for more featured blog posts! If you think we missed anything, comment below. 

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Every time I go to the barn I always walk up to my horse and just take in a big whiff of that amazing ‘horse smell’. they seriously need to make that horse aroma scent into a candle. 🤣

Emma Kate Priban

Non-horse members of my community also ask about the “blindfolds” on my horses. When one lady asked an employee of mine why I blindfolded my horses, his response: “Oh, she’s training them for night riding and wants them to get used to moving around in the dark.” The lady left fully satisfied that she now understood!

Elizabeth Wheeler

When car shopping the main criteria was the size of the trunk, if I couldn’t fit a bale of hay or two bags of shavings I wasn’t interested.

Suverne Griffiths

I always say “whoa” instead of stop. I’ve tried breaking it but have now given up. I also refer to myself as the “boss mare.”

Daryl DeHuff

Once, a friend of mine and I were chatting and she told me that the day before when she was at the store, a car kept creeping up on her as she tried to cross the crosswalk. Halfway across, she turned, exasperated, stomped her foot and started “backing” at the car the same way you’d back an unruly horse, clicking her tongue, shooing with her hands, frowning….She took about three steps and then realized what she was doing! She spun around and nearly ran into the store, beet red in the face!!!


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