Ways To Watch The Equestrian Olympic Events In Tokyo

by Michelle Drum July 14, 2021 2 min read

Ways To Watch The Equestrian Olympic Events In Tokyo

2021 Tokyo Equestrian Olympic Viewing Schedule

We’ve waited an extra year to see the world’s top horses & riders vie for top honors as the world’s best. We’ve done some research to find the best viewing options so you can see as much of the action as possible. Set your DVR because some of these events are airing very early for equestrians here in the USA! 

NBC is the official provider of the 2021 Olympic games coverage here in the United States. They are offering the following equestrian events on live stream available at this link:https://www.nbcolympics.com/schedule/sport/equestrian

Make a point to plan ahead to make your viewing hassle-free. You may need to log in with your tv service provider to see these events online. 

4:00 A.M. July 24 2021 - Day 1 Dressage Grand Prix - Team & Individual  
4:00 A.M. July 25 2021 - Day 2 Dressage Grand Prix - Team & Individual  
4:00 A.M. July 27 2021 - Day 3 Dressage Team Grand Prix Special
Followed by Team Medal Ceremony

4:00 A.M. July 28 2021 - Day 4 Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle
Followed by Individual Medal Ceremony  

4:30 A.M. July 29, 2021 Eventing Dressage Session 1 - Team & Individual
4:30 P.M. July 30, 2021 Eventing Dressage Session 2 - Team & Individual
7:30 P.M. July 30, 2021 Eventing Dressage Session 3 - Team & Individual
6:45 P.M. July 31, 2021 Eventing - Cross Country Team & Individual

Check Aug 1 -- unclear.. NBC says 7 31; tokyo website says 8 1

4:00 A.M. Aug 2, 2021 Eventing  Show Jumping Phase - Team & Individual
Followed By Team & Individual Medal Ceremony

Show Jumping
6:00 A.M. Aug 3, 2021 Show Jumping Individual Qualifier
6:00 A.M. Aug 4, 2021 Show Jumping Individual Final
Followed by Individual Medal Ceremony

6:00 A.M. Aug 6, 2021 Show Jumping Team Qualifier
6:00 A.M. Aug 7, 2021 Show Jumping Team Final
Followed by Team Medal Ceremony

These are the events that NBC is offering here in the USA; currently, it is unclear if they are airing the entire event; or only a portion of it. As we do some more digging, we will add to this post what websites will be offering additional coverage of equestrian events. Happy Watching! Go Team USA!! 

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