Ultimate Ariat Equestrian Rain Gear Guide

Ultimate Ariat Equestrian Rain Gear Guide

Though bright, sunny, picture-perfect days are ideal for riding, rainy days don’t need to stop you from saddling up, as long as you have the right gear. Ariat offers some incredible equestrian rain gear that will check off all the boxes to help you enjoy your rainy-day rides. In this post, we’ll share some tips for riding your horse in the rain, what to look for in wet-weather riding gear, and some great options that Ariat provides to make your rainy-day rides comfortable and fun.

What To Look For in Waterproof Riding Gear

When it comes to waterproof riding gear, you’ll want to start by looking for many of the same features you’d seek from any equestrian gear. In general, riding gear should be durable and comfortable, offering freedom of movement while you’re on your horse. To ensure the best performance, it should be gear that’s made specifically for equestrians. In addition to these general guidelines, rainy-day gear should be either waterproof or water-resistant, depending on your local climate. It also helps if the clothing is moisture-wicking, or at least breathable, so you get adequate ventilation and the clothes don’t hold in moisture when you sweat. You’ll be more comfortable and will enjoy your ride more.

Is It Safe To Ride in the Rain?

Many horses don’t mind wet weather, and some actually enjoy going for a ride in the rain, especially if they’ve been cooped up in the barn for a few days. In general, as long as your horse is okay with the rain and you have the right gear, you can take him riding. 

However, there are a few situations where you’ll need to exercise caution. If the weather is cold, your horse may need a little extra care in addition to drying off and warming up after your ride. And if the ground is slick and there is low visibility, make sure you are extra cautious. If the weather turns severe with thunder and lightning, it’s best to turn back to the barn and try again later.

Basic Tips for Riding in the Rain

Rain shouldn’t be a deterrent for equestrians. However, you’ll want to be prepared for the inclement weather to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips for horse riding in the rain:

  1. Get a horse-riding raincoat — If you’re going to ride in the rain, make sure you’re prepared with the right clothing. Raincoats designed specifically for horse riding not only ensure you have a waterproof jacket, but also offer the freedom of movement you need while riding.
  2. Protect leather tack — Leather can get moldy when it’s wet for prolonged periods of time, so be sure to care for your leather tack properly. After riding in the rain, soak up extra water with a cloth and wipe away any mud. Use a saddle conditioner and place the tack somewhere with good airflow to dry it out properly.
  3. Consider rain gear for your horse — Just like your own raincoat, you can get protective rain gear for horses as well. Items like waterproof covers and rain sheets are specially designed to keep your horse dry and warm. 
  4. Keep your health in mind — Even with a great waterproof raincoat, you’re still out riding in the elements. Keep in mind that if it’s wet and cold out, you can get sick, aggravate asthma and allergies, or worse. Don’t skip riding in the rain altogether, but consider limiting your time.

Top Equestrian Rain Gear from Ariat

Ariat offers a range of options for rain gear, as you might expect from such a prestigious brand. Here are some favorites you’ll want to consider for those days when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

Ariat Women’s Packable H2O Jacket ($139.95)

Ariat Packable H2O Jacket

You can’t get any better than this jacket for packable convenience and on-the-go protection from the rain. It packs up beautifully and easily into a small pouch, making it easy to take with you any time you’re traveling. The jacket is a great choice for an active equestrian lifestyle, as it’s stylish, sporty, and incredibly functional. It’s also completely waterproof and windproof with seam-sealed construction, and it’s lightweight. Added touches include zippered hand pockets, a removable drawstring hood, and adjustable hood and cuffs. The Ariat Women’s Packable H2O jacket comes in black.

Ariat Women’s Spectator H2O Jacket ($99.95)

Ariat Spectator H2O Jacket

Never get wet again from the cheering section in this stylish performance technology rain jacket. It’s made from waterproof, breathable, and earth-friendly materials. It was designed for dedicated family and friends who regularly brave the elements during long horse show days, making it a staple for loyal equestrian fans. The Ariat spectator is also fully lined and has an adjustable hood and cuffs to keep you comfortable and dry. It comes in a stylish navy equestrian bit print for women.

The Spectator H2O jacket is also available for men and children. Both variants are available in navy blue with red shoulder accents.

Ariat Women’s Argentium Parka ($324.95)

Ariat Argentium Parka

Another great option for an Ariat raincoat is this Argentium parka. You’ll embody the look of the sharp, polished British countryside when you wear this functional and fashionable jacket! It offers a modern update on a traditional parka, with the feel of soft suede but the look of waxed cotton. It’s not only water resistant but also has PrimaLoft insulation to keep you warm on those cooler rainy days. It’s made from organic cotton with an earth-friendly, water-resistant finish you’ll love. This earth-brown parka has a lovely Glen plaid dog print lining.

Ariat Women’s Heritage IV Zip H2O Paddock Boot ($169.95)

women's Ariat Heritage IV Zip H2O Paddock Boot

We love this boot for its full-grain waterproof leather upper and the moisture-wicking and breathable lining. It also has a built-in heel cushion, making it extremely comfortable. This boot has everything you need for inclement weather, including a padded top collar to keep your feet warm in the fall and winter. Grab a pair in black. 

Ariat Women’s Keswick Waterproof Boot ($179.95)

Women's Ariat Keswick Waterproof Boot

This boot is made for work, and you’ll love it for years to come. We like to think of it as our “anything, anywhere” boot. It is waterproof and super durable, with a stirrup-friendly outsole for riding and a non-marking, acid-resisting sole. Just slip these durable boots on, and they will take you anywhere, from horseback to the barn to walking your dog in town.

Ariat Women’s Devon Nitro Paddock Boot ($239.95)

Women's Ariat Devon Nitro Paddock Boot

The Devon Nitro boot is a show-stopper with a great balance of style and features. It’s made from full-grain leather with a waterproof finish to keep your feet dry, and it also has the latest technology for flexibility, stability, comfort, and shock absorption. That makes it a gorgeous choice you can wear comfortably all day long. It’s available in black. Ariat offers a men’s Devon Nitro Paddock Boot as well. 

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Don’t Let a Little Rain Stop You!

With the right gear from Ariat, there’s no need to skip your rides on rainy days. Stay warm, dry, and comfortable with these rainy-day jackets and the best technical gear available. You can never go wrong with Ariat!

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