Gift Ideas For Your Coach Or Trainer

Gift Ideas For Your Coach Or Trainer

Finding a perfect gift for your trainer might be a challenge and let’s be honest if you happen to be the one organizing a group gift, it can be really time-consuming.

To help you out and make this holiday season as painless as possible, we asked our Farm House Family for some ideas for what makes the best trainer gifts.  We received quite a few creative ideas that might just inspire some ideas of your own! 

Jessica S.

We rallied together last year and got him new show curtains, etc. He was thrilled.


Katie D.

One of those rechargeable electric power bikes for horse shows.


Alexandra G.

I gave my trainer a ton of all of her favorite tack-cleaning stuff she uses, she requested the same gift this year, haha.

Karen I.

The one that went over the best that I’ve seen so far was putting together a weekend away from the barn and the horses and horse people.

Meg R.

For the past two years have put together everyone at the barn and bought lightweight jumps for at-home schooling. They’ve been a big hit, so much easier to move around and create new courses! 


Lisa D. 

A few years ago we all went in on custom color flower pots with our trainer's logo from one of the trunk companies. We ordered them from you guys actually! She was thrilled and everyone enjoys them with our horse show setup.


Dabney H.

Best gift we ever gave our trainer was a custom whiteboard to stay organized at shows or at home. 


Rachel T.

A super nice spa day (2 treatments, lunch, gratuities) was the best gift I got when I was in the horse world.

Katherine B.

Last year we did a custom McGuinn wall grooming box for our trainer in barn colors with logo. It took 3 months to ship,  but it turned out great and is now part of our show setup.

Maureen M.

We collected money and gave one trainer a show bridle and martingale and the other a Barbour jacket


Niamh O.

Jumps, photoshoots, heated vests, a gift basket with a bunch of thoughtful items.


Melissa E.

I got mine a mug with line art of her one horse on it. She seemed to like it!!


Jaclyn P.

The heated vest was a winner last year!


Sandy H.

Our barn went in on an Electrogroom horse vacuum for winter time grooming. Our trainer loves it and so do the horses!


Dorothy F.

A custom jump with farm name.


Ellen S.

One year we got a COMTEX system with transmitters and receivers. Trainers don't have to yell during lessons, and riders hear every word and get more instruction in the end. It's pricey, so a group gift idea.

What are the most creative or useful gifts you’ve seen or given to your trainer or barn staff?
Let us know! 

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