Top 5 Ways to Beat The Sun As a Rider

Top 5 Ways to Beat The Sun as A Rider

I’m going to let y’all in on a little secret about me… I pretty much just look at the sun and end up getting sunburnt. It has been the kryptonite for this Wisconsinite (now turned North Carolinian) since I inherited my German ancestor's fair skin #palegirlprobs. But over the years, I’ve learned how to survive… and dare I even say enjoy… those sunny summer months! So here are my top 5 ways to beat the sun as a rider!



1. Icefil Sun Shirts

These bad boys were a lifesaver for me when they entered the equestrian scene! It honestly feels like they were designed just for me… Icefill technology that lowers your body temperature by 5° while wicking away moisture... AND 50+ UV protection?? GENIUS!

Say goodbye to farmer tans (or in my case, farmer burns) and say hello to staying cool and beating the sun all day. You will rarely see me outside without a sun shirt on because they have made that big of a difference for me! My favorites are by Tailored Sportsman because they come in fun new colors each season, and you can pick from long-sleevedshort-sleeved, and sleeveless options. 

Kerrits Aire Sun Shirt


2. Icefil Breeches

Not long after Icefil shirts took off, Icefil breeches entered the scene. Now I could have Icefil fabulousness across my whole body?? YES PLEASE! My favorites are either the Kerrits IceFil Tech Tights or Ariat’s Tri-Factor Breeches. The Kerrits tights are perfect for when I’m schooling at home, and the Tri-Factors are ideal for lessons and even showing.

Ariat Tri factor breeches


3. Vented & Wide Brim Helmets

It may be tempting to forgo the clunky hot helmet when the sun is blazing, but just don’t take that risk. You never know what may happen #mindyourmelon. Helmets nowadays are well ventilated to keep you not only safe but cool too. Plus the wide-brimmed options are a lifesaver! They help keep the sun off my face… which means less chance of sunburn!

The Samshield Miss Shield offers fantastic airflow and a wide brim, not to mention they are super flattering as well. Already have a Samshield Shadow Matte? Try the Samshield Sun Visor, it clips right onto your Shadow Matte and gives you an instant wider brim! 

Samshield Miss Shield perfect for every equestrian


4. Helmet Visors

If you need even more shade with your helmet, look no further than an Equivisor or Soless Helmet Visor, aka the pièce de résistance to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes! Both styles easily wrap around any type of helmet to give you the equivalent of a big sun hat while you’re riding.                      

Soless Helmet Visor


5. Stay Hydrated & Use Sunscreen!

The final advice this fair-skinned equestrian can give you is to make sure you drink plenty of water and put on sunscreen! It seems silly for me to harp on, but nothing beats staying hydrated and protecting your skin to stave off heat exhaustion and possible skin cancer. You best believe I’m coating every bit of exposed skin with sunscreen and bringing my water bottle when I head to the barn because this girl has learned her lesson the hard way.

So next time you’re grumbling about mother nature when there’s not a cloud in the sky, and it’s 95° (aka me this entire past week), try some of my favorite ways to beat the heat! Not only do they help you stay a bit cooler, but they’ll protect you from the sun’s harmful rays! Now let’s get riding!

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