Top 4 Safety Air Bag Vests For Kids

Top 4 Safety Air Bag Vests For Kids

Horseback riding is a popular sport for many children, and safety is a top priority for parents and professionals alike, especially when kids are just learning to ride. 

Airbag safety vests have been very popular with adult and junior equestrians alike, but what about kids? We've put together a list of our top 4 picks for equestrian airbag safety vests that are kid-friendly. This information is based on fit, performance, manufacturer information, and sizing. Read on to see our top picks. 


1. Allshot Safekid

 This vest is the perfect airbag vest for children. It fits very small children to tween and was developed for a child's body. The design is kid-friendly with a combination one-piece lanyard & saddle strap. The rider simply needs to attach the strap to the snap ring on the key ball mechanism. This means fewer pieces to keep track of.

Additionally, a smaller cartridge for smaller kids, per manufacturer description, this airbag jacket can be used under jackets with 15% or more of elastane in the fabric of the coat. Check your child's coat to be sure it is compatible. 

Allshot Kidsafe Airvest

2. Hit Air SKV Kids Air vest

The Hit-Air kids vest offers a relaxed adjustable fit, where one size fits most child riders. This vest is designed to be used with both english or western riders depending on the connections selected at time of purchase. Hit-Air also offers a variety of lanyard and saddle strap styles to suit your needs.

Hit-Air Childs Equestrian Riding Vest

3. Helite Zip'In 2 - limited child's sizing. 

Helite offers limited sizing for youth riders, at the time this is published, Helite offers a child's large that is sized for tweens and petite teens, tailored silhouette, zip front with a modern fit.

Helite Zip'in2 Airbag Vest

4. Free Jump Airbag Safety Vest   

The Free Jump Adult airbag safety vest come in a variety of sizes starting at double extra small. The double extra small offers a good fit many pre teen riders looking to add additional safety to their riding routine. 

Freejump Airbag Vest For Kids


Seaver, distributed by Samshield, is expected to release an XXS size of their airbag vest. This vest is designed with children in mind and is expected to fit kids 8 to 12 years old. Available in black or navy. 

Air vest technology is an evolving product that has seen a larger increase in popularity not only in the United States but around the world. As this technology becomes more common, we expect to see more child-friendly vests come on the market and plan to update this post as new vests become available.  


If you have questions about any of the airbag jackets we carry, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re always glad to help! 


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Does any vest have the cartridge on the left????
I hate dismounting with it on the right. Poor design choice for equestrians.

Jennifer Moller

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