Top 20 Horse Halloween Costume Ideas!

Top 20 Horse Halloween Costume Ideas!

Happy Spooky Season everyone!!!

Halloween is right around the corner and all of us at The Farm House always love seeing everyone's amazing costumes. This year we took to Facebook and Instagram and asked our followers to send in their own costumes and boy were we completely blown away by the creativity!

So here is a list of our Top 20 Costume Ideas!

1. Avengers Assemble!

(Submitted by Beth Middleton Hall)

What out Sam Wilson, you've got some competition to be the next Captain America!


2. Cat In The Hat

(Submitted by Natalie Kelley and Grace Ann Nolan)

Always a classic with Thing 1, Thing 2, and The Cat In The Hat!


3. The Headless Horseman

(Submitted by Emily Kolokowsky)

What did the headless horseman say before leaving the party? - "Well I guess I'll beheading off now!"


4. Jurassic Park

(Submitted by Amy Reilly Trent)

Costume contest, or desensitizing... you be the judge.


5. You're A Wizard Harry!

(Submitted by Lauren Allen and Stacy Dinger)
We've got some Gryffindors and a Hufflepuff, but it's Buckbeak The Hippogriff that really steals the show for me!

6. There's No Place Like Home

(Submitted by Sarah Thompson Shuping)

Hands down the cutest cowardly lion ever!


7. Budweiser Clydesdale 

(Submitted by Pine Crest Farm)

You don't need to ride an actual Clydesdale to give yourself an excuse to an enjoy a nice adult beverage while in the ring ;). 


8. Super Woman and Super Man

(Submitted by Meaghan Morris and Shari Colchin)

These are definitely some "super" horses and riders!


9. The Kid Safe Horse

(Submitted by Hayden Roark)

This one is always a crowd favorite and is guaranteed a laugh and some knowing nods.


10. Time For A History Lesson 

(Submitted by Rylie White)

This one is so original and perfect when your pony is named Penny!


11. Little Bo Peep Found Her Sheep!

(Submitted by Samantha Reeves)

That is one very convincing sheep.


12. Minions For Days

(Submitted by Zane Manthe)

I used to hate Despicable Me and the Minions, but they Gru on me (hahahaha).


13. So Much Disney!

(Submitted by Becky Green Price, Sarah Thompson Shuping, and Susan Mahl Naclerio)

Beauty and The Beast, meets Mickey, Minnie, and The Little Mermaid. Extra points for Becky who glued all the furry pieces for the Beast onto a fly mask herself!


14. The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

(Submitted by Lesley Gulde)

Are we sure there's a pony underneath that? Because that looks like a pretty fierce some spider to me! 


15. Clowning Around

(Submitted by Marylou Carbery)

This is how I think a lot of us feel we look like after we forget our course or chip to the last jump.


16. Fiercest Dragon

(Submitted by Courtney Canizares)

 All I can think of is how long creating this one must have taken!


17. A Firefighter's Best Friend

(Submitted by Amberlynn Nelson)

 Your friendly neighborhood fire brigade keeping everyone safe.


18. A Day At The Beach

(Submitted by Kathy Van Pelt)

 This pony wins the award for most bombproof.


19. A Girl And Her Poodle

 (Submitted by Jennifer Ayers)

 That is one large poodle!


20. The "Horseless" Horseman

(Submitted by Brooke Higgins McCraw)
Who says you need an actual horse to participate in pony costume parties?

Thank you everyone for submitting photos, I loved seeing each and every one! Didn't get to submit your own yet? Feel free to tag us on our social pages or send us an email.

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